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3 Must-Do American Road Trips

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[Samantha Brown] You know not all trips are two week long vacations to exotic locales. [On the road again] Some of the best are more every day travel seeing the USA on the good old fashioned road trip. But where to go? [bells ringing] ♪ music ♪ [popping sound] [horn blaring] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown] Hi—I'm Samantha Brown and I'm here with 3 things to know before you choose where to go on a road trip. Whether you're looking for history, music, or great food, America has the best road trips around. [whirring sound] So first, you've got to decide what it is you want to do. Now there's just so much to see here— the biggest decision is the choosing. For example, you can go out to the Old West— you know—revisit the days of cowboys and the boom and bust culture of the West by following the Santa Fe Trail. Is music your thing? Try the Blues Highway—Route 61 between Memphis and Vicksburg is full of music past and present. Love flea markets? Visit the World's Longest Yard Sale from Michigan to Alabama. It's usually the first weekend in August. So think about what you love to do and there's sure to be a road trip to match it. Check out some of these resources for ideas. [America's Byways—] [National Geographic—National] ♪ music ♪ Okay now we're on to number 2. Now that you know what you want to do— [popping sound] you can decide how you want to do it— and don't be afraid to do it differently. I mean sure—packing up the family roadster is a traditional way to road trip. But who said you were traditional? If you want to take all the comforts of home with you or you're planning a trip with your kids and grandkids— and need more space—consider renting an RV. [popping sound] Cruise America,, and other companies rent RVs for a week, month, or longer to meet your road trips needs. [whirring sound] If you're looking for something really different, consider renting a motorcycle for a road trip. is the largest one. [whirring sound] And finally [popping sound] enjoy. [whirring sound] Just remember—however you choose to take your road trip and wherever you go— be sure to enjoy it—take lots of pictures. You know—create your own soundtrack— sing at the top of your lungs. And share your adventures in real time on Instagram and Facebook. [popping sound] For more of my travel tips, visit ♪ music ♪ [popping sound] [horn blaring] [AARP Travel Ambassador Samantha Brown]

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So much open road, so little time... With options to explore the West, find great food, search for antiques or groove to regional music, how do you pick a route? Samantha Brown steers you to three action-packed, fun road trips and how to plan them.

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