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Seesmic du Jour #137

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So Vavan this is my show. yes I know. But this is your bar. Yes that's my bar. You are a good partyer, I here, I was "bowling" my self. "Bowling"? Yea, Michael or intern you know that Michael? I know this guy. He tweeted that I was going to "bowling", do you say "bowling"....BOWLING!! I was not I was at a cool dinner with like ten entrepreneurs. So how was your party...uh movie? The party was great, the movie was fantastic, I was with great people, I met so many stars. You can't imagine. I hope you dinner was good because mine was just fantastic! So first we have to introduce two new team members at Seesmic. This is Rachael. Rachael. Oh sorry the French way is Rachelle. And this is Sukhjit. We won't tell you what both Rachelle..Rachael, and Sukhjit will do Though you will know tomorrow, only tomorrow. Now you are just going to explain what happened at the TechCrunch Iron Man previewing yesterday. We went to the TechCrunch screening of Iron Man, pre-release Right, before anyone else saw it. The two hottest ladies at Seesmic going to the TechCrunch, going to the TechCrunch screening She's taking us this totally crazy way, I have no idea. It's the back way. People are stopping us on the street like "wow your Seesmic!" It's ;like we're a rock group. Where is Loic? So one said "where is Loic" he didnt say "where is Ivan?" or "where is Johan?" He said "where is Loic?" Nobody asked me either. Yea nobody said "where's Rachael?" and there was a long line of people, and we ate popcorn Now the "Seesmicers" are out in full force. I have one thing to say. What? "Hammer-time" That too yea...can't touch this. You were talking with Michael our intern and Robert Scobals. We were like filming and oh.. look at the Internet star! and the guy said, "hey, it's MC hammer!" It's Michael Erington. Nice movie. Yea...Nice to meet you. I'm very proud.. yea Oh, there's everybody.... Tomorrow you will know what Rachael, and Sukhjit will be starting at Seesmic. Very exciting stuff. See you tomorrow. bye.... Edited by Whit Scott Music by Carl Atilano Where's the champagne? Where's the champagne?.. To celebrate us. Tomorrow.. oh OK..interesting...

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Posted by: zad on May 6, 2008


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