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Hitler's Rant - Original Video with English Subtitles- Film Downfall-Der Untergang - HD

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Tuan Hitler, the growing popularity of Thai food in America has been tremendous. How do you expect Indonesian food to compete with the dominance of Thai food restaurants in the USA? Pad Thai is very well known throughout the world. We just don't believe Indonesian food can compete at the same level Not true! The Indonesian food revolution in the USA will happen. Bapak......the problem is Americans will never accept terasi. They are too used to living on frozen pizza. It is a losing campaign. If you have ever eaten fermented shrimp paste, remain in this room. The rest of you leave now. What a load of crap. I know terasi smells like old socks, but it is delicious after you mix it with fresh Indonesian spices Dabu dabu kenari....rujak cingur.....plecing kangkung....they all have terasi. Why do you think Donald Trump has so much money? He eats sambal terasi every day. Banyak terasi, banyak uang, banyak rambutnya liar! How do we get Indonesian food into the USA? Santai dong.....I consult with Gus Dur Oh begitu. Maaf Tuan Think about all of the great Indonesian heroes of the past. What did they eat? Ikan sogili from Danau Poso, rendang from Bukittinggi, tempe penyet from Malang, bir pletok from Jakarta. It kept the Indonesians alive as they fought for their dignity. Millions of smiles, thousands of islands, hundreds of languages, one nation...........Unity in Diversity. Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Look at nasi gudeg........the complex mix of kaffir lime, jackfruit, cumin, and chiles..... Enak! Food, dance, music, poetry. They all go together! Get Ras Muhamad, Indonesian Reggae Ambassador to America! Its all about Branding. Pink boxes of fried dough in Portland was successful. Indonesians can wrap up their jackfruit curry in banana leaves and do the same Rahung Nasution needs to go to Portland, Oregon with his sambal andaliman. He will fit in well with the tattoos and hipsters......Somebody please get me a glass of jamu! Relax. We can watch Opera Van Java later tonight We cannot wait any longer for this culinary invasion to take place. My entire legacy is linked to the success of the peaceful assimilation of Indonesian cuisine into the fabric of American life. There is no turning back. Any comments? If this fails, please stuff me into the interior of a Balinese ogoh ogoh monster and set me ablaze on the eve of Hari Raya Nyepi Do I eat or do I burn?

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Posted by: hillisrm on Sep 7, 2015

Hitler's Rant - Original Video with English Subtitles- Film Downfall-Der Untergang - HD

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