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Business, Management and Leadership

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I think you'll agree that in times like this the country need all the leadership it can find. And that's no different in American Business. Even those of us who have been at it for several decades are looking at this next year or two as the most challenging time we face. Hi! I'm Jeff Campbell, former senior vice president of Pepsi-cola and former chairman of Burger King Corporation. These days I'm the Brinker Executive in residence here at San Diego State University and chairman of the chairman's round table of San Diego. The first person I want to introduce who'll be teaching one of our 5 courses is Holly Green. Holly is the CEO of the Human Factor Former president of the Ken Blanchard Company and the former senior vice president at Coca-Cola. And she's the author of the bestselling book 'More Than a Minute" Leading Strategically is more important today than it ever has been. There have always been challenging times in business but only those who know how to do it particularly well not only survive, but thrive! This is not a time for mediocrity, it is a time for excellence, for putting together all of the learning that you already have and un-learning some of the habits that perhaps are not serving you as well anymore and learning new ways to deal with the challenges that face us. How often do we have an opportunity to learn from people who've been there, done that, who are willing to share experiences not only the way they did it very successfully but what they learned from their mistakes as well. You're going to be exposed to and engaged with all of the lecturers and all of that sort of conversation. It's been my pleasure to work with the College of Extended Studies here at San Diego State to produce a new Leadership program we're going to begin to offer this spring. And we've assembled, what I think you'll discover, a wonderful group of lecturers, who between them combine over 150 years of leadership experience in business, academia, the military, and in community leadership as well. The true value in going through this course is not only the learning you'll get from the folks that are lecturing, also from the peers and colleagues that will be attending. But we're committed to providing you real take-away value: Tools, tips, checklists, things that you'll be able to apply and use back at your job, the next day.

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Posted by: sdsuces on Feb 17, 2009

In today’s economic climate, many businesses are looking for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Finding the light can be easier with top-notch leadership. Now, SDSU’s College of Extended Studies has developed a new leadership program to rival the finest educational offerings anywhere. It is called Leading Strategically: Critical Skills for Effective Leadership During Challenging Times, and is led by Jeff Campbell, former CEO of Burger King. Because the College does realize that these indeed are challenging fiscal times, we are offering a special introductory rate on this program to make sure that businesses such as yours can afford to attend this important program.

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