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I do not like these things, by the way, I hate them. I was just thinking that I need to became someone, just in the eyes of friends. That one, for e.g is a driver, another one is a musician, so I'll be an artist. I came up with such idea. Than instagram appeared and likes come It has become a little bit better. Inspiration came afterwards Now, let say, I had already received some money for my illustrations. Let's just say, I have achived a new level for myself as for an illustrator. Well, now I'm working on illustrations for poems of poet from Frankivsk. -For whom? - Mariana Zaklinska And by the way, I was very impressed, such a blonde girl and these poems. Although they are more common for blondes, let's say this way, but they are so....I like them a lot. Where is my studio? My studio is in my homepalce, in my room. What I`m doing.. I don`t need that. Although I sometimes think that I have not enouht space, but for now it's enought. I do not know, usually I draw on A3 format. It's something in between small and a big one. Matetilas are liner, rapidograph, graphics. Why is there a lot of darkness in my works? I think this is a reflection of life Shall I talk about army? These are my favorite stories. In the army I have lost two cars with aircraft turbines. All in all, army is not for me, literally, at all. I served in a military supplies convoy. I took guards 2 times, both were failures. Two cars, four turbins for jet planes. As was written by Malynovsky, have you read this post? That rock and roll is dead as punk and something else is... All in all cbgb in Ivano-Frankivsk is dead, it`s closed When Anton just opened it I told him it`s cbgb. Just institution policy is cbgb. Berlin is full of it, isn`t it? such underground What do I think about drugs? In art Never tried.

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Posted by: zhascka on Feb 27, 2017

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