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COCA-COLA PRESENTS: LET´S TAKE 1 MORE SECOND. I started swimming and by the year 1951 I was the Spain championship in diving. I was a swimming instructor, that was my job. My son, Eduardo, had the windsurfing school. So, he said to me "After finishing your classes, come along and you could try windsurfing. I got there early August and the moment I arrived he said "But, mom, I have to be Empuriabrava in half and hour because I am taking a skydiving course." Then I said "What about me?" and he says "Right, you have been telling me all my life that you want to jump". And he says "Come on, Let´s do this!" We got there, and there was the director of skydiving center. He was the pilot and owner of the plane. And my son told him " You see, my mom wants to jump". And he answered "Well, if you say so. Let´s do it". The first time I did skydiving was making my dream life coming true. For a long time people would ask me "What does it feel like being in the air?" It is lika a freedom expression. It is a privilege. Each one of us has their own way of living. I have a prejudice. It is, for example, when people don´t move. I say " You have to move. You have to go out. You have to do things to make you feel good. Then that´s when you start to be happy because of how well you feel". We get hurt for sure. Of course I get hurt, but being pain is normal. To keep swimming and skydiving is go on living for me. I am 81 years old and I want to enjoy them as long as I can because it is a privilege to be 81 years old. IT TAKE US A FEW SECONDS TO BUILD A PREJUDICE. LET´S TAKE 1 MORE SECOND TO BREAK IT DOWN. WITHOUT PREJUDICES WE MAKE A HAPPIER WORLD. OPEN YOURSEL. open happiness.

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Posted by: dianac95 on Oct 13, 2015

grandma talking about her life

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