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The Revolution is NOW!

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This episode of It's the End of the World as we know it and I feel fine was made possible by contributions from slaves like you. Spank you very much. We gotta keep this network growing bigger and bigger, keep challenging power in all its manifestations. They're afraid. They need a billion dollars to fight us. We're the ones with the power. We unite and we realize our power, there's no stopping us. ♫It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine♫ Gooooood morning slaves, and welcome to another sedition of It's the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel fine. The number one window replacement service outlet. The reason why we choose Access Glass is because we're very prompt, we have rapid service and if the glass can be replaced that night, it'll be put in that night instead of boarding up and going back the next day. I'm your host the Stimulator, and I know you're just dying for me to play some riot porn <Breaking glass, cheering> But before I do that, I must pay my respect for the peeps who organized last friday's Justice for Our Communities Rally. You see, confronting the security 'apparata' and smashing capitalism is only one side of the muthafucking resistance. The other side is the folks building roots in the community while providing alternatives to the fucking corrupt beast that we are trying to liberate ourselves from Here's Mohan Mishra, one of the organizers of Friday's action: You can see from the demonstration that the police presence today was outrageous You see so many police on the street essentially turning the city into an armed camp trying to stop people from communities around the city from being able to voice their concerns. You see, when you expose the system for the failure that it is and show peeps a different way to see the world The muthafucking ruling elites start getting trigger happy. Friday's march saw an escalation of pig presence even though the event was billed as a music-filled block party. I am with a group of people who are all here with their children, very intentionally. That's right, this diverse group of organizers created a friendly space and even provided loads of food and childcare for the muthafucking resistance. And as a bonus, the food was fucking tasty. When the crowd finally took to the streets, I wanted to see how many different struggles were represented. Migrants, disabled peeps, trans and queer and brown peeps from all parts of the world united in their desire to better the planet. To not just hope that things will change, but to actively work to make that shit real. As the fun-filled carnival spread like sugar all over T-dot, the muthafuckin pigs came in darth vader style and attempted to piss on our parade. <Shouting, sounds of fighting> <Cop yells> Get out! <Sounds of fighting> The po-po also formed a wall of bacon in front of the police museum and discovery centre now try to remember this scene, because the next day the situation would look very different. <drumming> In the end, the muthafucking resistance shut them down and the street party circled around the city for several hours ending in a tent city and dance party well into the wee hours, where for one night, people lived in the world they wanted to see. <Music, with lyrics:> Who are you you're the world yes it's true who am I I'm the sky that's no lie who are we we're the ones that can see who are we we're the ones that could be the people who're gonna set free the world bring equality a life built on quality, it's easy to see you and me we are the ones <instrumental> we're the ones <music ends> On saturday morning, a humongous rally of many different groups gather at Queen's Park to let blah black muthafucking blah You already know what happened there: Abso-fucking-lutely nothing. At the back of the march, well, that's a different story. <radio> comin to ya loud and clear The get off the Fence contingent was billed as a confrontational anti-colonial, anti-capitalist where: This uncontrollable expression of rage kicked off with a big splash as a sea of black-clad freedom fighters broke off from the main march and swarmed and smashed this pig mobile. Now, for those who say that police abandonned the cop cars so that the black block could smash them, you're absolutely right about the smashing and the abandoning, but absolutely wrong about the motivation. The police did abandon this car, but only after it was smashed. After this explosive start, for the next hour, all you could hear was: <smashing glass and cheering> Do you know what that is? That's the sound of capitalism being smashed. I cannot even count how many corporate stores were vandalized. Starbucks, Adidas, Burger King, Starbucks American Apparel, Starbucks, to name just a few. I suspect that at Tim Hortons, a Canadian corporate donut store, the po-po were able to get there before the bloc, as the shelves that normally stock pig fuel were already empty. But corporate chains were not the only ones that got smashed. Jewelery stores and porno stores were also targetted. But the crowning symbol of this powerful demonstration of courage was the burning of cop cars. Banks were also high on the target list, I can say without a doubt, that every single muther-fucking financial institution along the way got its just desserts. The scum-sucking corporate media and the subservient state-run media were also not welcome in this new vision of the world. Remember this building? < smashing glass, cheering> Well, the pigswere not that brave this time around and stood back like stiff statues as the resistance remodelled the pig museum. This was a fitting symbol, because when we abolish the police, the only memory of their past existance will be in the halls of a museum. Yep, that day, the people were writing their own history. As the space of corporate rule was stolen back and placed in the hands of the new pioneers, it's only appropriate that I steal back Walt Whitman's words from the walls of the smashed Levi's store. Pioneers, oh pioneers come my tan-faced children, follow well in order; get your weapons ready. Have you your pistols, have you your sharped edged axes, pioneers, oh pioneers? For we cannot tarry here. We must march my darlings. We must bear the brunt of danger, we the youthful sinewy races, all the rest on us depend, pioneers oh pioneers. Oh you youths, western youths, so impatient, full of action, full of manly pride and friendship, plain I see you western youths, see you tramping with the foremost, pioneers oh pioneers. We divulge upon a new and mightier world, a varied world, fresh and strong the world we seize pioneers, oh pioneers Just like in february, when the muthafucking resistance smashed shit up in Vancouver, the detractors came out in droves: There have been very very serious allegations, or indeed proof of police infiltration, and the use of agents provocateur. This time we were well prepared for the backlash from liberals and lefties but the backlash became less about why smashy-smashy's bad and sounded more like a dumb mother-fucking Alex Jones conspiracy theory. I don't know why the police didn't stop them I saw them go. They were really easy to stop. When they started to torch that car, there were riot police all around, they just sat and watched them do it. Now I want to know why they didn't stop them. <Interviewer:> So your advice, or your questions is, you think police should have stopped them right then and there. <Judy:> Right in the beginning, right in the beginning. That was champagne liberal Judy Rebick. Just like the police in the last segment, she is a relic of the past. The idea that Rebick is pushing on young impressionable minds is the same load of horseshit that the mainstream media and the stupid mother-fucking Alex Jones sheeple have ben spreading on the internet, that cops let it happen. But even smart peeps like Naomi Klein drank the T.O five-oh false-flag dingleberry cool-aid. And so what happened is that the bosses of this police force, and other police forces decided to play public relations. And instead of doing their jobs, they let the city burn. They let those cop cars burn. Such a defeatist attitude is pretty fucking sad. Now, I am not suggesting that we dismiss Klein all together. Her analysis of corporate rule is an important part of our movement. But it would be wrong not to call her out on her blunder. For those of us who were there, what we saw is cops running scared and losing control of the situation every step of the way. ♫See how they run♫ The mass arrests of peaceful demonstrations that followed for the next 24 hours was a way for the pigs to save face. We don't have to look back far to see that this has happened time and time again. The police don't know how to react to a decentralized fluid force of masked skinny anarchists. It happened in Seattle, and it happened in St Paul during the RNC. Well, during the RNC, the police had two dispatch centres literally 20 feet apart. One for the convention, the other for the rest of the city. But for two crucial hours, there was a breakdown in communication between them, and no one was seeing the big picture. <Chanting> whose streets? our streets! It's the sound of St Paul police losing control of their city. Police dispatch tapes from day one of the republican convention show that for a couple of hours, between noon and 2 o'clock, downtown belonged to the anarchists. When facing certain defeat, the pigs throw everything they've got at the problem without much thought. To help me add the final cherry to my argument, I spoke with Kristian Williams, author of Our Enemies in Blue Hey Christian, how the fuck are you? Oh, I'm fine. So, can you break down for me why the police react the way they do when they are punked? The nature of the authority that's invested in the police is that they are authorized to use violence. And now, it's very telling who they use the violence against. Disproportionately it's men, disproportionately it's young men, disproportionately it's people of colour and poor peoplle. That tells us something about who they see it as their job to control. It also tells us about who they see as legitimate targets for their violence. So... And the equation here is pretty simple. It's that the police tend to direct their resources towards hassling people who aren't likely to cause them trouble. So they tend to be people who don't have the resources to fight back. Now, when people do fight back, especially when that takes the form of physical violence, the reaction of the authorities of violence against the police is hugely exagerated compared to the reaciton of the authorities to violence against other people in society. And, y'know, this gets explained in terms of police heroism, the cops risking their lives to keep us all safe, and that sort of thing. But really, it's a very simple need on the part of the state to maintain its monopoly on force. So, if other people started using force, especially against the monopoly order, then the position of the state as the final arbitor with the backing of force is challenged. So it's very important from the perspective of state building to maintain that monopoly. And that about does it for this sedition of It's the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine. My heart goes out to all those brave peeps who challenged the power structure and are now caged in the guts of the system. And I also wanted to thank all those who supported this muthafucking show during out stay in T-dot. Toronto media co-op, alternative media centre, double G, dexter, shawn, courtney, bella, harmony, benjamin, steven, ted, jason,audrey, shannon, christopher, Geraila, Michael, Dan, Peter, Jared, Andy, and the entire Fraser community. To comment on this show, and for links to more riot porn, just visit my fucking website Now repeat after me: G8, G20. They few, we many. And remember kids, you can broadcast high quality footage of this show at <Chanting> You're sexy, you're cute! Take off your riot suit!

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subMedia's final report from the G20 rebellions in three parts. The Revolution is NOW!

1.Who are we?
"Justice for our communities" action on June 25th.

2. Go forth o pioneers.
the stimulator goes inside the riot that caused much damage to the corporate elites and embarrassed the security establishment on saturday June 26 in Toronto

3.We started the riot. Debunking the "agent provocateur" and "the cops let it happen" conspiracy theories. Kristian Williams an expert on police tactics during mass demonstrations speaks about the state's monopoly of power.

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