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Bolivian news report on the disability rights protest

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...suprastate deputy Eddie Romero said that the protestors' requests are not feasible Meanwhile, Senator Carlos Mauro criticized the government for failing to meet these demands . ...To meet social demands that are fair they should at least recognize the need for a working group to see where the funding for the pension that the disabled are asking for could come from It is a shame that the president is rejecting their demands without having done a feasibility study on giving the disabled a pension that is deserved and justified. Unless we tighten the waist belt and stop wasting the amount of money that we waste on the president's travels and invitations to bring celebrities to Bolivia we can't know whether we can give a pension of 500 bolivianos (USD$73) but at least we should do a study to see how much can be given. Obviously...imagine an increase for people who are doing nothing productive in this country. The president has indicated today that it is a lot it's like having the budgets of three ministries for example, giving the amount they are asking for and they are asking for it with a stubbornness that is really worrying The minister of justice has indicated today the an NGO gave $100 to every protestor participating in this demonstration So we believe that the disabled are not only acting out of pride and arrogance but they are also acting in a very stubborn way ...the state cannot distribute large amounts of money to people who do nothing if it did, everyone would ask the state for a lot of money.

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