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Sepang Clash and Goffman

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In the sports world we have taken on that... ...everyone supports the team or athlete that one wants. But when we go to the international area in which... ...not only the athletes compete but the whole country too. Here is when we talk about the theory of Framing which says that in a particular frame... ...must have a role and a specific positioning. In this case it would be, that if you are from... ...a specific country, you always have to defend your country. But now, we are going to show you an example in which this theory breaks down and as Goffman’s theory says... ...that a roll can change, and it doesn’t have to be a concrete one. This example will be the Sepang clash between Marc Márquez and Valentino Rossi on October 25 of 2015 at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. The sepang clash is the accident between Marc Marquez... ...and Valentino Rossi when Rossi kicked Marquez. The events took place in the third round of the race... ...scheduled to 28 laps, when with Lorenzo and Pedrosa escaped... ...there were a series of 14 overtakings... ...between Marc and Rossi. This happened until the last overtake when Rossi kicked Marquez and make he fall leaving Marquez disqualified of the race. After this, many people came out to support Rossi, Italian rider and another much support Marc, Spanish rider but here comes when the Framing theory breaks down and begin... see Goffman theory. Through the media we are seeing the opinion that the MotoGP fans... ...and some athletes, have about it. There are athletes such as Fonsi Nieto, ex rider... ...who is a Spanish rider, who supports Rossi. -But Fonsi, who has the true guilt? -All of this cames from Argentina -Yes -That touch with Rossi and Marquez in Argentina, started the war. Assen, when Rossi wins touching and going out... ...swelled even more the ball about to explote. And I think that the declaration that Valentino made on Thursday... ...saying that Marquez was helping to Lorenzo, were the bomb. In Sunday race I think Marquez gets wrong because he hasn't had to enter in that war he has to respect the people that is fighting for the championship. I think that he behaved badly, because he was making a plug for make Valentino lose the championship. In the code that it isn't written of the riders... very ugly what he has done. -Hi Eva. What Rider do you support the most? -First, I support Marc Marquez, but I also support Valentino Rossi. -I know you see spanish televison, so do you think that they do well.. ...being in part of Marquez or... you think that they’re spanish so they have to be with Marquez... ...and Italians they have to be with Valentino? Or do you think that they should be like... Oh my God, Valentino does well or does it wrong... we have to say it, but they only say what they want. What do you think? -I think they should say what they think. I’m a supporter of Valentino since I was a child but... ...I know that it wasn’t great, I know it wasn’t okey that thing so I don’t know, sometimes you have to be in the reality and say what you see. -Okay so thank you and have a nice weekend. -Okey, thank you so much, bye -Bye Obviously I support Rossi but I can't be a... ...hundred per cent with him in this However, I think that Marc wasn't right either because he shouldn't have fight with him during the race because he didn't stand a chance to win the championship while Rossi did No, I'm actually spanish and a fan of Rossi But I think that everyone should support the riders that they like without depending on their nationality

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