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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Alien on the Future of Sex - Shi (Alioshenka) Hello, this is Shi, and I'm here to speak about the my perspective on the history of- mankind well first everyone is speaking of wanting to 'solve' this world wanting to solve the experience of human beings- of this world because, not many seem to be satisfied, pleased with the current experience of mankind, on earth while they're a disgrace, a shame but it is interesting because we are here, because of- those that have gone before us we are here because of the starting point, of something this is merely the outflow, of that starting point and I find many human beings, trying to develop organizations, or methods or different methods of moving forward though, how are you able to manifest organizations in an already, troublesome, manifestation of this world of humanity if you are already in it! how you are able to solve it by, implanting another organization and, how are you able to solve it if or change your situation, if your starting point- is not, resolved it is as though, humanity, has been in a current manifested expression, of the past and trying to build onto 'that' a solution to the situation but it hasn't been working, has it? you have, religions, you have- spirituality, you have organizations, you have- ascension processes, you have attainment of sorts but all those, are founded, on the same basics and principle, which is what our past has been, what has bought us here so what am I saying, I am saying have a look: we have this starting point of this existence (left) this that we merely experiencing right now, is that outflow of that starting point now the starting point is still here it is still manifested or the outflows, of that starting point is still here is still manifested there is no such thing as a history a history always remain! it depends, on where that history, which is here will be changed, based on your starting point in other words, the starting point is not there in the past or in the history, we are very much still! in the past, in the history we are still living that is that not so? has all of humanity's existence possibly change their starting point? in the staring point of existence - 'the history' what has occurred what has happened, are we also not then that history? are we not also then those that has gone before us? if the principle of oneness and equality exist and manifest in this world so what then to do? because I am here, I am still here my starting point is obviously still, the same as or was in the 'history' the starting point of existence so then, the question is: What is that starting point? so therefore, what I am saying is that, the origin of ourselves is important because, if we know our origin, we know the solution! ours, obviously, we would have been able gone and look there and look that from a perspective, of maybe we must all collectively, 'return' to the origin the problem, the source! within ourselves because it was only us that existed 'in the beginning' beings no matter what form no matter what shape no matter what expression it's not- isn't that so!? so therefore history is very much still here, and very much still playing out it's not in the past, and it is not in memory if it exists in memory it clearly it still exists if it still exists here in this world, in scripture and books then certainly it is still here, is it not? so therefore, why separate ourselves, from anything! even from our history because we are responsible for our history as we are for the future but we haven't been able to create the future because we are still in the history! why are we still in the history? because we haven't realized that we 'are' history we are those beings, that is in history so that will mean- that have we ever really lived? have we ever really created? have we really ever changed the future? because what is the future at the moment? but still the outflow of the past we're still trying to figure out, and understand, our creation - now! why not go back? why not go back to the starting point? why go through all the complex- complexities and intricacies of a mind consciousness system trying to understand itself from the beginning all the way it through, still! but not looking back at the starting point but isn't that maybe something to take into consideration that it might just be the starting point of ourselves 'in the beginning' that could be the answer that that starting point has to be cleared within, all as one wouldn't that be we wanted with starting? the origin of ourselves first, get there! realize that from these you stand up, and take responsibility, and you live! because, then something change because then you realize in everything of this world would disappear because it didn't exist really then what does exist? do you still exist? do you still remain? will we disappear if we go back to the original point? yes, probably you will, but you will still remain as well do we really die? what is death? what is it that we exist? why do we exist? Why- is death existed? why- why does earth existed? why the dimension existed? why we are still here? why we still live in the past? why we have not returned to our origin? maybe that, in any case what 2012 will bring! 'the end of time' so that we are able to return to the origin there's two perspectives either, we collectively stand and return to the origin within ourselves or do it for ourselves just in a different way what does man so fear losing at 'the end of time' apparently? what is the end of time? what do you lose? what do you gain? what is lost really? do we lose anything? have we ever really lost anything? or have we been lost all these time!? and therefore the perception exist that we've lost something, that we will lose something strange, ok this is Shi, just my perspective and some sharing about- the history of mankind thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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