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Babylon - Indulgent Smoothie Recipe

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So here is a really delicious smoothie idea if you are getting a bit bored of green smoothies you want something a little bit more indulgent perhaps and this recipe is lovely if you got some lovely summer fruits that is about to turn in the fruit bowl. A great way of using some stuff up. So, what I've got here is some banana Now, a lot of people avoid banana, they think it's fattening. But, fundamentally, great source of nutrients, good source of potassium and also good for prebiotic fibre, which is very nourishing to that microflora, the bacteria in the gut so in other words, it gets the thumbs up from me. I'm using a bit of lovely soft nectarines. Something floral works quite well, like floral taste Honeydew melon would be another nice one, or cantaloupe melon would be good in this smoothie. A generous dollop of avocado. Like I said, this is a little more about indulgent perhaps than some of the other smoothies on the market. I am a big fan of mint, so I'm going to put a generous helping of mint And what I'm using as a base, is actually buttermilk You have probably heard all about things like kefir that are again a very trendy ingredient these days which is something like a fermented yoghurt wonderful for the gut This is the same kind of thing, it's a by-product of butter making You'll find it just along side everyday milk, in the chiller cabinet And it's been around for a long time and it has that nice tangy flavour as well So, going to blend that up So, obviously of you wanted something that is a little bit more colorful you could add some berries in But this recipe is really delicious on it's own I like to serve it over ice, so let the ice chill it for a little bit And water it down ever so slightly And it's a great summer smoothie

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