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Bernard, Opinions: Opinions as Building-blocks of the Illusion

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Desteni Presents: Opinions as Building-blocks of the Illusion I mean so, what is opinion? opinion, is the 'substance' of if you want to call it that opinion is the building blocks of illusions that make sense? and therefore if you look at it (other: it's created by the mind you know, it's about) No- it's created by, what is the mind but the opinions you've formed about yourself That's your mind your mind is the 'opinions' you have formed about yourself have a look 'because when your were born' there was no mind there was just a "structural" system, that's not functioning in itself until you're using it Then you start as a child, to use your mind in using your mind, you're using your mind according to the opinions you are forming which is as Ei- Einsteni call it, your..assess, what do you call it your, your assessments? (other: yeah your perceptual) your perceptual assessments which is, your opinions That means, at when you're born, you have no perceptual assessments you have 'no opinions' about anything you're a, "a cute" baby 'you have a mind system', but the system - by itself! is not functioning! It's required 'you' to function through it Then you form 'opinions' Those opinions become your personalities, they 'replace You' then your personalities start to use, your mind system, to form opinions 'through it'! that's all mani- start to manifest as physical reality, as the opinion of 'you' So you start 'crouching' because you feel miserable you start feeling this way because you don't like your 'tits' you start doing whatever! you're "doing" because you have formed an opinion about you Now you live that out! that is what becomes reality, that is self-abuse That's how we are abusing Now you're stuck in it your self-abuse because, you're stuck in your opinion about an opinion Thus! the unified "field", exist "as" opinions Please join us for Discussion:

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Oct 21, 2009


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