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20.11.17 Matt Joseph and Peterboroug Part1

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What your going to do is play a game of tag. If you tag someone on the back, 1 point. If you tag them on the front, it's 2 point's. 30 seconds to get as many points as you can. Go. Stop there, got 10 seconds this time. You've got 26, you must be phenomenal. So 26 points, don't let him get you. Go. 3, 2, 1, hold it there. Come over to me. So the game is still the same except, if you can tag me on the back, it's still a point. The next one you're going to try and tag is the ball, try and tag the ball. But you have to keep both hands on the ball, tag the ball. So I might have to move and keep the ball and if I want to I can give it to somebody else. OK so if you start without a ball can you get one in your 30 seconds. Go. So you can still tag, you can still tag anyone you like. Both hands on that ball, brilliant well done. Love the way you protected that there. Excellent. Keep it out the way. 5, 4, brilliant, 3, 2, 1 hold it there. This time want you to keep the ball in one hand, not like this though not rugby style but it must be kept in one hand. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1, go. Pick it up, keep it, one hand, one hand. One hand, not under there. 3, 2, 1, stop there If I tag Malachi on the back, how many points? Malachai, just go past me and I'll tag him in on the front, 2 points. However, Malachai if he's got the ball, if I take it off him I get 5 points and I keep it. Right where's my goalkeepers? If you want to you can dive at people's feet and get the ball. So you can not only tackle them, you can go get it off them. 30 seconds 3, 2, 1, Go. Goalkeeper's get a ball. Go and get a ball off someone else. Right your challenge, I want you to try and get a ball off someone's feet. So get close to them, get low, get the ball and get it. Yes. Can you do that? 10 more seconds, go. How many can you get? Get lower, can you bring the ball back keeper? Dive it. Unlucky get up, go again. We've got a little safe zones on the end, in each corner, so it's like a little triangle. So if you're under pressure you can take it into the safe zone. Whoever is defending against you cannot come in here, alright and they can't wait here for you to come back out. So if I come in here, if you're chasing me, chase me, I'll come in here, you now need to go get someone else. How long can I wait here for? I'll go with that 3 seconds. So you can be in here for 3 seconds and you come back out If you run the ball out of play whoever's chasing you get's it, you go back in and get a different one. Play, let's go. Ball out, get it in. You can take the ball out. Play. Ball out over there. Brilliant play it again. Come on. Kick that ball. Brilliant I love that, now keep it. [COACH TO COACHES:] So coaches we spoke about volume and repetition, so there's loads of repetition going on. The technical quality is going a little bit because they're now starting to get tired but that's what I want, I want to raise the amount of capacity that they're doing but also get them to think about the challenge so I'll keep reiterating the challenge the whole time because they're starting to just get into playing the game. [COACH TO PLAYERS:] 3, 2, 1, stop there. Can I stop Ollie from tagging me on the back? If I've got the ball here? So if I shield it he could still tag me in the back can't he? So how many points do I want to give him? 1, 2 or do I let him have 5? 1, so sometimes I have to make a choice and go right well he can tag me on the back and once he's tagged me once he has to go somewhere else unless he wants to try to win the ball. We're going to go this time 30 seconds, 45 seconds or a minute. What do you want to do? 1 minute, you sure? 3, 2, 1, go. Brilliant skills, just keep it in, can you? Now bring it back. Keep it, well done, protect it. There's the time to protect it, Can you protect it? Right now it's the safe area you have to go away. Now you get back out. Brilliant, good boy. Is that the time to protect? Brilliant love it, go past him. Love it, get your arm out and protect it, protect it if you can. 15 seconds to go. Keep going, keep working, no walking, keep working, come on. Malachi get up. 10 seconds. 5 4, brilliant, well done, 3, 2, that might have been a foul Ollie. 2, 1, stop there.

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