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Miracle No. 1 - God heals her daughter's cold sore

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The first miracle I saw happen, the first instantaneous one was when my daughter, Vicky, was home from college looking for a summer job. She had a bunch of stores lined up, hoping to get a sales person job and had already hit a few places. She had been turned down at all of them so far and was losing confidence. The problem was her looks. She had developed a horrendous cold sore at the edge of her mouth. It was red and swollen and oozing. No one wanted even to look at her, let alone hire her. She sat down on the stairs to the second floor of our house. It hurts Mama! It hurts so bad! My heart melted. Poor baby! Then I remembered what I'd been learning at a Jesus people prayer meeting. Yes, Jesus healed people. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. I saw people healed at our weekly prayer meeting. I tried to remember the routine. Placing my hand on her cheek, near the sore, I said, Jesus, I believe that you heal people today. I ask you to heal my precious daughter, Vicky. You know that she needs to earn money this summer for school. You know she's being turned away because of this horrid sore on her mouth. Heal her, Jesus! Then nothing happened. At the prayer meetings sometimes they said, speak to the problem. Speak right to the problem. Cold sore, in the name of Jesus, be healed, be gone, be finished, be out of here. And again, no real result. I waited a bit, and then I said, cold sore be gone in the name of Jesus. The sore began to sizzle, just like an egg in a frying pan. Vicky said, "It's hot, Mama! It's burning up." And sure enough it was. Within a few minutes, it had formed a scab, which soon dropped off. By the next morning, her face was clear of any damage. That very day she was hired at a boutique to sell dresses and handbags. And I knew that not only does Jesus heal today, but He heals when an ordinary person like me, ask him to heal. Praise God!

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Posted by: glsconza on Jun 17, 2015

Miracle No. 1 - God heals her daughter's cold sore

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