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Best Twitter Automation Tool And Marketing Plugin

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Hey guys, Justin Bryant here from And I'm gonna show you real quick of really good Twitter automation tool that you can use. If you've a website, if you've a Wordpress blog, either way if you're using Wordpress, you can use this, it's a plugin called Revive Old Post pro, or you can get the free version which is just Revive Old Post but it's by Themeisle and it's just a plugin that basically helps you automate Twitter sharing for your blog post. So if you're writing good blog post, if you're writing high quality stuff, Twitter is about one of the best social media sites to take advantage of that. It's one of the best ways to get social media shares, engagement and traffic for blog post of any of these social networks. And you can automate it with this kind of tool and make it to where you don't have to go back and forth between Twitter and other tasks all day long for your business. You can focus on other things and let this take care of itself. It's kinda a set it and forget it tool. So once you get this plugin, you download it, you set it up, you connect your Twitter account at your Twitter log in page here and of course if you get the pro version you can add other things like a Facebook account, other Twitter accounts, LinkedIn, things like that. Then you go to the general settings, you set it up the one you want it, how many days old will you be willing to share a post. So in other words, the way I have it here is as you can see, this is a 120 days right there, that means that posts that are as old as 120 days old are allowed to be shared through this plugin. And then they get shared automatically so then when I post on Twitter, I obviously think you should still do your own engagement, your own communication with your fans and your own retweets and things like that as well so that you don't just rely completely on this but this will get you the traffic to your website that you probably want. I've seen people like Jeff Bullas and other big social media influencers use similar things to this. So then you do that you figure how many days old you wanna do for your blog post. It's kinda just depends on how much you publish. And you also don't want, if you don't publish very often at all, you don't wanna have it too well because then it'll start repeating and you can't have duplicate posts so it won't work right if you don't make sure that you post enough and have the date set back enough where it'll keep having different posts cycle all the time. So then you can figure out your post format, your custom schedule, and your custom schedule just basically says how often you're gonna post. So you can change it for the different ones and make it goes by hours. This is just a quick little plugin I want to show you. It's called Revive Old Post Pro by Themeisl. It's great for Twitter automation. It's one of the best tools you can get. Hootsuite and Buffer are great too, I recommend them. You may have seen my Hootsuite vs Buffer review and comparison, but the thing with those is you actually have to put in the post manually and schedule them to make it works. So you still have to go through and pick out all your posts and stuff and make sure that they're scheduled all the time. Now that might not take a whole lot of time, but it kinda depends on what you're doing. But what I would do is use this for your blog post. That way you won't have to worry about that. And then you can use Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule like your quotes, your posts that don't have links in them, your images, things like that. So that you can kind of automate it as much as possible and you don't have to spend a bulk lot of your time on Twitter. So that's it for this video. If you got something from it that you maybe never heard before, maybe you never heard of Revive Old Post or maybe you thought this is a useful video. Please like it. Don't forget to subscribe and I've more great videos coming your way. And don't forget to visit us at where we've even more in depth information and blog posts, videos, images, infographics and all kinds of stuff. We even have some courses rolling out for you. And don't forget to leave a comment if you wanna add to the conversation for this video or if you wanna add another tool or if you just wanna let us know what you thought about the video. Leave that in the comments and I'll see you in the next video. Hope you have a great day. This is Justin Bryant from and I'll see you in the next video.

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