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Arabinda Basu: Addressing the Issue of Poverty

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[globaloneness project] [Addressing the Issue of Poverty] ARABINDA >> Why is there poverty? Because they exploit people. I am not a Communist. I am not a Marxist. There is some truth in the exploitation. A lot of people try to exploit other people for their own good. [Arabinda Basu Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry, India] Selfish interest, that is the basic principle. [Arabinda Basu Sri Aurobindo Ashram Pondicherry, India] Poverty won't be there, quite frankly. If things are organized in the right way, economically, then there should not be any poverty. India is a very poor country. Even then, people are coming up in standard of living. A lot of people are below the poverty line. A lot of people have come up, crossed the poverty line, also. This is happening, all the time. Day in, day out. And yet, there are certain farmers that are committing suicide because they do not have any water to irrigate the land. That also is happening at the same time. But this is because the government is there, in those particular states, engaged in other things. And not giving themselves any attention to that. If they did, it should not happen. This, again, is a question of mental. Knowledge, which is ignorance. So, poverty is something which has to be addressed. Definitely. We live under a very wide scale, economically, politically and psychologically. because, "I don't care if there are poor people, quite frankly." There are people in Pondicherry that say, "Oh! They're living in the street. Let them do it." A rhythm of the cycle. This is, again, ego. "I don't think of anybody else. I think of myself, only." This is, again, a psychological, spiritual problem. Because Spirit is fundamental reality. God is a fundamental reality. Whatever people may say, nobody can actually, approximately go out of existence. He just is. Call it God, call it absolute, call it whatever you like. But there is some being, some thought, some power, in the case of the spiritual variety, are kind. And it is. Everything is a manifestation of that. In the ... manifestation, because of human ego, things have gone wrong. Fall of Man. A very great image, that. But as I said, interpreting by saying Adam is soul, a spiritual soul, and Eve is nature and you are attracted by nature and caught by it. Temptation. But that's an image. Poetic image. The truth is this. So, how is it that I don't get snared by nature but I use nature to develop? My nature is both bad and good at the same time. Everybody's a mixture. So, this mixture will have to be sorted out. So, those things which create the mixture, the limits of men but without conflict with each other. This is, again, Yoga. You come with a certain basic cycle--it's called discipline--but it can be done. So, I'm talking of Yoga on a very low level, so to speak. As a human problem, how to solve those things. It can bring myself to God, with union with the divine and so on and so forth. It may. And it does. But today, the problem with humanity can be addressed only by a new psychology, which is more harmonious, which sees the reasons for conflict and sees the way to resolve the conflict. This new knowledge has to be dealt with in a collective way. Not just individually. I'll give an example, if we have got time. There's a place called Sarnok About 800 miles, a little less than, North of Varanasi and they first preached a sermon there. It was a great building made by Buddhists. Hindus also flocked there. I once happened to be there with some friends. We were talking about this place, so on and so forth. A Burmese monk, who was Buddhist, just passed, very slowly and gradually. He looked at us. We were all completely at peace. Actual concrete peace, which felt like ice, without the discomfort. The whole body went completely cool. Not cool, but cool. The man only looked at us. Did nothing. He had got this peace within himself. He can radiate it. It' s my own concrete experience. Even now, I can recover the experience, if I wish to. Considering the experience, I can still get it. So much power is there in the peace. He's a Burmese monk. He's not a Hindu. He's a Buddhist. But he's a Yogi. He developed this other conflict within himself, complete the soul in him. He had no conflict within himself and therefore he got peace. Peace is not a negative thing. I'm talking of Yoga here. Peace is a positive value. Not many want of conflict of struggle within yourself. Whatever. But it is actually speaking a positive reality and of value. A lot of people don't have problems in life, but they're not at peace, either with themselves or with others. Now, this you can find out and discover by Yoga and have it yourself. If you did that, you won't have conflict with people. Very tolerant, very patient. They know why they're doing what they're doing. Do not judge them, do not criticize them. I hope you develop that. Find yourself that focus, that center in you, which gives you peace, which is inherent in it and therefore, the conflicts are not in it. I'm talking in terms of practical psychology. So, human unity will also have to be, basically, a silent demand by humanity. That we want unity, aspire for it, sincerely, honestly. And the psychological demand will bring about conditions in outer life which will foster human unity. []

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Arabinda Basu, philosopher and scholar of Sri Aurobindo suggests that the current problems of humanity can only be resolved by a new collective knowledge, which is "more harmonious, sees the reasons for conflict, and sees how to resolve the conflict."

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