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Mohammad Biglarbegian - Edit 1

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- My research is basically developing algorithms for autonomous vehicles and so these algorithms are controlled on optimization algorithms for robotics systems and autonomous vehicles in general. So what we do, we basically, we develop mathematical algorithms to be able to run these machines, both vehicles and robotic systems, and then we perform experiments to verify our algorithms on systems. So my research is both theoretical and experimental via applications to these systems. The motivation behind my research is basically developing the system that is operational without a human being involved. The technology is rapidly progressing and then autonomous systems are taking over and we can see the applications now these days like autonomous driverless cars, in automatic manufacturing systems and so on. 'Cause humans should be basically used for like more important tasks. Like when they use their brains or other, like high sophisticated task. In terms of a driverless car, we are witnessing a lot of applications these years. When the technology is 100% mature, we will... basically reduce accidents, we will basically save time, we will have less traffic, less congestions because these systems are optimal and they can basically function under difficult circumstances. And then we are basically saving peoples time also. So that will increase the quality of instead of like driving two hours a day, we rely on the machine to be able to do this basically boring job for us. So rather than that, we focus on something that is important to us maybe be reading the email and while in the machine or just having a meal, or like listening to a music or something.

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Posted by: vutsupmedia on May 27, 2019

Mohammad Biglarbegian - Edit 1

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