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I think Instagram, Facebook and maybe Youtube are three devices of which people are flench to know about my group and, I think Facebook is more influential in the sense that there are quick videos, they're very short and maybe with a catching subtitles or headings that makes people want to know what the video is all about and its very comfortable because you can watch maybe 30 seconds and stop wacthing. In youtube you have different type of videos and you can go there and watch whatever you want and they're free. So Instagram, Facebook and Youtube are very potent because first of all they're free, easy to put on in a website and to watch. Well, Spotify and Youtube because, Spotify it's not free but if you're not a Premium member then you can, maybe with internet you can listen to whatever you want to listen to as far as it's on Spotify. I think the media, the social media has a great influence on whatever everybody watches and listen to. In my own case I think the media has influenced what I listen to and what I watch Because if you want to listen to a variety of music, a genre music, you have to go to the Youtube or whatever, Spotify... Whatever means you want to listen to And so apart form the video or the audio you want to list in You also see some videos that has to do with the other videos and so you have categorizes of videos and audios to watch And so I think the Social Media is very potent in influencing people even in how they speak and what they listen to and what they wear and everithing.

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Posted by: deeeiri on Jan 24, 2017

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