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David Icke-Revelations of a Mother Goddess 2/18

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after the second world war it was even fewer hands on the wheels of powere and as a result of the second world war we had the creation of the United Nations , we had the creation of NATO and we had this great centralization of global power Problem -Reaction _Solution , this is a wonderful example here you have got this memorial in the center in of this edifice of global power and it says : "to the immortal honor of the officers, non commissioned officers and men of London who served their king and empire in the great war in 1914 to 1919 This memorial is dedicated in proud and grateful recognition by the city and county of London.” I’m sure it is, because as a result of the sacrifice they made, power in the world came into fewer and fewer hands not least into this area that I’m talking in now And also made a fortune, because not only does it create Problem-Reaction-Solution when you lend money to both sides, they then have to pay you back that money plus interest When both sides have devastated each other’s countries they borrow more money from you so that they can rebuild their shattered countries Therefore, power equals control of money in the world as it is today And the control of money comes through debt And wars create massive amounts of debt. Therefore, massive amounts of control It says here: “Their name liveth forevermore.” Total bullshit People who are manipulated to fight wars are merely pawns in a game they don’t understand At the bottom here it talks about the memory of those who died in the second world war, 1939-1945 How ironic and how sick that that war was manipulated and funded to a large extent from this building here, The Bank of England The governor of the Bank of England at that time was a guy called Montague Norman a very, very close friend of Hitler’s banker And it was The Bank of England, Wall Street, and the transnational corporations which had German subsidiaries not least the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in America -Rockefeller’s another one of these bloodline families, along with the Rothschilds and others– it was those companies and banks that funded Hitler and allowed him to build a war machine that cost literally millions of lives And before we move on and expand this story on the other side of this square is another very appropriate statue It’s of the Duke of Wellington The Duke of Wellington fought the Battle of Waterloo against Napoleon And this is a wonderful example, again of the way the financial markets are manipulated to this day What happened was that the House of Rothschild was funding Wellington and also funding Napoleon And what they did,was they arranged – because communications weren’t anything like they are today, of course, back then – what they did, they made sure that they knew the outcome of the war, or the Battle of Waterloo before anyone else in this area of London did So they found that Wellington, the Duke here 'another bloody puppet ' - it hasn’t got the strings on the statue, unfortunately, so it’s not accurate - They realized that Wellington had won the Battle of Waterloo What they did, however, was put the rumor out in this area that Napoleon had won the Battle of Waterloo As a result ,There was a panic, stocks fell, it was a crash and what were the Rothschilds doing quietly, secretly? They were buying up all the stock they could at those crashed prices And then along came the real story: Wellington had won the Battle of Waterloo As a result, the panic was over, all those stocks rose in price and the Rothschilds were not only fantastically richer they owned vast amounts more of the economy of this country and in a much wider area of Europe So the manipulation of the financial markets – that’s just an example from the last century – is very much going on to this day And it’s manipulating your life, what your money will buy and indeed, if you have any money at all And I’ll just finish at this location by focusing yet again on the Mansion House Arizona Wilder, the subject of this video conducted Satanic ritual at the highest level And we’ll come to that in detail. You’ll see that in the interview But it’s very much part of these bloodlines that have increasingly controlled the planet over the last few thousand years When you follow them through from the ancient and near middle east up into Europe where they became the European aristocracy, and the royal families of Europe - or Royal Family, if the truth be told, because they are just the same bloodlines under different names - over to America and into the modern world one thing follows again and again human sacrifice, satanic ritual, blood drinking, and all this stuff And I’ve talked to a number of people who have seen these rituals in the City of London who have been subjected to some of them and the Mansion House, the center of government in the City of London, is one of the key places where it goes on around here when work here is finished for the day And Satanic ritual is very much part of the next topic that I want to raise and talk about at another location And that’s mind control A few can only control billions, and the direction of their lives if they manipulate the way we think, and manipulate the way we feel Only by doing that can they control us because there’s not enough to do it physically And so mind control is the foundation of how it’s done And we’ll talk about that at the center of global mind control, or the center of the network that generates it and that’s the Tavistock Institute not far from here,Yet again, in London We’re now just a short drive from the City of London next to this very appropriate poster, VERY BAD THINGS and I’m on my way to the Tavistock Institute It is the center of global mind control and the network that does the research, and creates the data and advances the techniques to mind control people in many ways When you think about mind control, you might think of the Manchurian candidate and some robot with a gun: “Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill.” But mind control is much bigger than that If you take the definition of mind control: to be manipulating the way people think and therefore behave then the question is not how many people are mind controlled in the world it’s how few are not Because every time you read a news story, which is slanted to get you to see the world, a person, or event in a certain way and you accept that slant, and take it as truth you’re being mind controlled Every time you see an advertisement, and it persuades you to buy something you don’t really need you’re being mind controlled So all these different techniques are used all the time to get us to think and behave the way this few, this clique, this elite, want us to Problem-Reaction-Solution. Getting us to react to events, and demanding solutions - the solutions the elite want us to demand - that’s also mind control So mind control is a vast, vast subject And you know, in the streets of the cities of the world, and towns of the world you get these people with the clipboards who are asking you questions called opinion polls Well, we’re led to believe that these opinion polls are to get a feel for what people want so that we can give the people what they want No, no. Overwhelmingly,those opinion polls are designed to find out if the programming, the manipulation, of the public opinion,of the collective consciousness is actually working So they’ll ask your opinion on various subjects and if 80% say, “Yeah, we think in this certain way about the subject, “ okay, the programs work. Brilliant If only 40% think that way, then the question is, the manipulators ask “What more do we have to do to get more people to think the way we want them to think.” So it’s all about mind control and emotional manipulation. That’s how it works And we just reached a point here, a military establishment The Honourable Artillery Company Headquarters, SIR! What is the military,what is training for the military, except fundamental mind control? What happens when you go through the training? Especially in the elite organizations like the SAS and the parachute regiment in this country, or the Delta Forces in the United States It is to get human beings to give their thinking processes away to those in the peak caps who have more stars or more stripes on their arm And you want people

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Posted by: sosana on Apr 4, 2011

A shocking series that exposes the reptilian agenda and their human ritual sacrifices they have with world leaders and politicians participating in. Arizona Wilder reveals her life story as a mind control victim and one who has been at the ritual sacrifices and has seen the reptilians for herself. Have an open mind and get ready to be shocked and appalled at the horror that is really going on in the world.

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