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For LOVE and FORGIVENESS! (Closed Captioned)

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Sunday, August 8, 2010 Closed Captioned Sermon Let us rise for the reading of this morning's Sermon Text recorded for us in Psalm 103, where we read the first 12 verses: PRAISE THE LORD, O MY SOUL; ALL MY INMOST BEING, PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. PRAISE THE LORD, O MY SOUL, AND FORGET NOT ALL HIS BENEFITS --- HE FORGIVES ALL MY SINS AND HEALS ALL MY DISEASES, HE REDEEMS MY LIFE FROM THE PIT AND CROWNS ME WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION, WHO SATISFIES MY DESIRES WITH GOOD THINGS SO THAT MY YOUTH IS RENEWED LIKE EAGLE'S. THE LORD WORKS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUSTICE FOR ALL THE OPPRESSED. HE MADE KNOWN HIS WAYS TO MOSES, HIS DEEDS TO THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL: THE LORD IS COMPASSIONATE AND GRACIOUS, SLOW TO ANGER, AND ABOUNDING IN LOVE. HE WILL NOT ALWAYS ACCUSE, NOR WILL HE HARBOR HIS ANGER FOREVER; HE DOES NOT TREAT US AS OUR SINS DESERVE OR REPAY US ACCORDING TO OUR INIQUITIES. FOR AS HIGH AS THE HEAVENS ARE ABOVE THE EARTH, SO GREAT IS HIS LOVE FOR THOSE WHO FEAR HIM; AS FAR AS THE EAST IS FROM THE WEST, SO FAR HAS HE REMOVED OUR TRANSGRESSIONS FROM US. This is the Word of our Lord. Let us pray: This is the day that the LORD has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Amen. [Sermon text taken from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION 1978 used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers. Dear Followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ: I'm sure you're all familiar with the television game show, "Family Feud" ... where at the end of the show, they bring out two people ... ask them five questions that they need to respond to in order to get: 200 points! So, was watching one of these shows and an interesting question caught my ear: In the last month, how many of the Commandments have you broken? And, without skipping a beat, the older gentleman from Minnesota shouted out: Zero! [Pause] And he had a lotta points! But that wasn't the Number 1 answer. It's kind of interesting because his daughter said: Nine! [Laughter] And he wanted to know which one she kept. But the top answer was: One! What an interesting perception people have of God's Commandments. Interesting way that people look at God's Law and their living of that Law. And maybe it's just stubborn human nature, to be able to say that when I look at my behavior, in the past month, I have to admit that I have trampled all over those commands of God! I haven't put Him first. I've broken the First Commandment! I can go through that entire list and see that I have not used God's name in the way that He wants me to. I haven't worshiped Him. I haven't spent time with Him in His Word. I have NOT treated those people around me in the way that God would want me to treat them ... with love and dignity and respect. I have no respect for our government. I don't like people. There are people that I hate. I have lusted after objects of people in this world and made them just sexual beings. I have wanted what is not mine. I have gossiped and slandered the good name of other people and I have looked at what other people have and I want it. Those are my thoughts. Those are my actions in connection with God's Commandments. I cannot keep that Law. And I repeatedly and daily, break each and every one of those Commandments. And God has revealed to me that if I cannot keep that Law perfectly in every aspect, then I deserve eternal punishment and condemnation. That IS what I deserve because of my sins. Because of the things that I leave undone that God wants me to do that I think I'll have time for maybe tomorrow. I deserve to be punished for all eternity because I willingly look at what God wants and do exactly what He doesn't. And sometimes I don't even care ... because ... I want to do it! That is what condemns us to the fires of hell. But God has also revealed to us in His Word, what He is like. The LORD. The LORD of the Covenant. The LORD God ... the Savior of all people. He is kind ... and compassionate; slow to anger and abounding in love. That's the idea that people have of God outside of Scripture ... who think He is some doting parent who loves absolutely everything that their child does, and if there's anything that they don't like, it was someone else's fault. It was their friend. It was their teacher. It was the law. They can point to everything but their own son, but that's not what God is like. He doesn't sit in heaven and look at what we do and say: Okay, I'll just ignore that. He loves us more than that ... because He knows what we are to the very core. Our very being ... is sinful. In His love and His compassion, He sent us a Savior. He sent us His Son ... to save us from that pit. That pit of despair. That pit like those pits of tar over on LaBrae. Where the more you struggle and the more you try to pull, the more tired you become and the less you want to fight and the more it sucks you down, and sucks you in until you are completely covered and destroyed. That's the pit that we are in sin. And we cannot get out of it on our own. But God sent His Son ... came down out of heaven in love and compassion for us, and saved us. Pulled us out of that pit and washed off the blackness the darkness of that sin ... that stain and He made us stand as the children of God. Made us stand in the holiness of Christ. Made us stand clean and pure before our God who doesn't ignore our sins ... He forgives them! He removes them from us. As far as the East is from the West, He removes them from us. And we stand as His holy and redeemed children. And the Psalmist this morning reminds us to praise God that our sins are forgiven. To call on that Name of God that we know is the only name that saves people from their sin: Jesus Christ! To come to Him in praise. To lift that Name high above each and every other name on the face of the earth. Because there is the forgiveness of our sins. There is our joy. There is our gladness. There's the comfort that we have received from God. That OUR sins are forgiven. And that we come to Him with thanks for what He's done. We come to Him acknowledging who and what we are and not hiding from God everything that He sees anyway. And plead His mercy. And receive that forgiveness. And therein is created the joy in our life. To be able to go to God in prayer for everything that we need because He has forgiven us, and He loves us. How great is the compassion and love that the Father has lavished on us! That He knows what we need! That He gave us His Son! That in this life He continues to give us good things; that He continues to give us blessings that we hold in our hands and we see with our eyes that are all around us. We don't have a god who's up in heaven playing games with our lives; wanting to see how he can mess with our heads. How much turmoil he can throw in our way. OUR GOD loves us; and He blesses us! And we open our hands and we receive those blessings ... willingly! Each and every day. And the Psalmist reminds us to come and turn back to God in thanks for what He has given us. From the littlest of blessings and the greatest of gifts, and God gives to each of us exactly what we need. The blessings he gives to me are the blessings that are different from the ones He gives to each and every one of you on every day. But as God's children, you know what they are. When you look for them, you will see them. God is abundant. He is in your life every moment, with His care, and His concern. He hears the prayers that come through Jesus' name that are carried on our faith to His Holy heavenly throne! And He answers them in love for our good. And in return, we raise the praise of His name. We give glory to God for who He is, for what He's done and for what He continues to do for us today. And, in faith, we know He will do for us tomorrow and till the ends time when He ends this world and takes us to be with Him in heaven. And we will continue there to praise His Holy Name with all of the joy that is ours. For the blessings of this world, pale in comparison to what awaits us in that heavenly Kingdom. Where God's love wipes away our tears. Where God's love surrounds us at all times. Where there is no evil. Where there is no weeping and sorrow, and mourning ... ... there IS the Glory of God. The joy of God. And we wait and long for that day as we go through this life looking forward to that time. Praising God that He has made that secure for us. That we know the answers to the most important questions in the world. Not just to win some points and gain some money on a talk show. But the answers to the question that God is going to ask us, when we face Him in death. We confess that we ARE sinful human beings. We PLEAD the blood of Jesus Christ and HIS salvation won for US. And on that basis, we know that heaven is ours. That heaven will be ours for all eternity. And there we will live in splendor beyond our imagination. Those are the answers that you have because God has revealed who He is. He has given you what He is in the pages of Scripture. He has told you His Name. Praise the Name of the LORD. Amen. Let us rise. Now may the peace of God which goes beyond all of our understanding, keep your hearts and your minds and especially your lives, in the one true faith unto life everlasting. Amen.

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The question is: How do we respond? The answer is: PRAISE THE LORD!!! It is the LORD who forgives sin and loves us...all because of Jesus! Contact Pastor Dave @

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