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lakshman 2

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What kind of assistance does the ministry provide to parents of children with special needs? The ministry doesn't provide anything directly. However, knowledge is given to parents through the provinces, zones, divisions and schools and also through non-formal education ... ... on how to identify these children, how to give them education, what are the places they should go to, where can they find knowledge and resources. Most of the time parents come to teachers seeking advice. Additional directors are there .... [not clear] Provincial level. What is the training given to those directors? We coordinate with provinces. We have a bi-monthly progress meeting. At these meetings we make them aware of the tasks they have. We also discuss with them about the tasks they have fulfilled. We hope to complete the incomplete work through these discussions. On the 1st and 2nd of this month we have our next progress meeting. At the meeting we look at their progress, and we discuss what hasn't been done. We direct their attention to the tasks that haven't been completed. The amount of money... allocated for special education... to the additional directors... [not clear] Are there difficulties....[not clear] Yes, the province allocates money for the work to be done within the province. The province provides an allocation for each subjects, including ours. The ministry too is given an allocation for the work to be done here. However, we send our funds to the provinces for certain purposes, such as teacher training, for the purchasing of spectacles, for hearing aid. We send money for these things. They make the purchases from their side, and give to students free-of-charge. However, the amount of money is inadequate. We have to take it again. Ok. Funds for special education are allocated for both the line ministry and province. The province -- provincial departments get their own allocation under the Finance Commission. This money is spent for teacher training, buying equipment. Our money, the line ministry's money is also given to provinces, mostly for teacher training and for the purchasing of equipment, spectacles and hearing aid. They make the purchases accordingly and give them to school students free-of-charge. However, the amount of money must be increased. What kind of laws and regulations ...[ not clear] about special education... Under our ministry there is compulsory education. Under that, all the children between 5 - 16 should be given education. It is a responsibility of the state, a responsibility of the ministry that both disabled and regular children of that age group get an education. That is one of the laws. And we now have inclusive education. Facilities should be provided to schools according to this. The entrance to the national colleges of education is based on G.C.E A/L exam results. Those who get the highest marks will be selected to the national colleges of education. After undergoing training, they have to continue working in the field of special education. There are laws and regulations like this. [not clear] We must help children with special needs to acquire education. If not, they wont be able to have an education. Each and every individual born into this world has a right to education. After education, to become a good citizen, to do a job and generate income, to get married, to lead a good life. If there is no special education, they won't be well regarded. Therefore, we have to allow them to enter regular education through special education. Therefore, special education is needed. However, this is not to keep a section of students confined within. Through special education they should be sent to regular education, and then to the society. [not clear] if you take the political side... what is the.. [incomplete] Even our minster of education is interested in it very much. But more interested in regular education. There should be more interest than this. Even in the parliament, more attention should be paid to this. There is interest, but because there is a huge load of work, special education doesn't get the highest priority. Therefore, more attention should be paid to this. How do you present this as an important topic? We have an Education Act. And a new act is being drafted. We have submitted proposals to this act. Special education should be given equal power, and facilities. Financial resources should be increased and a range of services should be provided through the Act. The Act is the policy. If it is given by the Act, no one can evade that. There is very little said about it in the present Act. So it has to be included broadly and firmly. We have proposed. We have to see how it goes in the future. Have you discussed this with higher officials? We have presented our proposals to the National Education Commission. We have presented to the parliament. Internally, the secretary and other officials are aware of it. We have already proposed what needs to be included in the Act, to the National Education Commission. What are the things that need to be done to make your job easy? I need officers. There aren't at least 10 of them in Sri Lanka. There are 98 zones. We need one person per-zone. If there are 10 officers, I need another 88. We need teacher instructors. Teachers should be given knowledge. Their knowledge must be updated to reflect changes and technological developments. The officers also should be given this knowledge. These are the things that should be done to make my job easier. Do you enjoy your job? [not clear] Yes of course. I am happy about this job. I am happy that I am working in this field. The problem I have is that I was unable to go to where I wanted. That means I wanted to take these children to a higher position than this. But due to problems with teachers and resources I could not reach the level I wanted. So I am a little unhappy. But I am happy about my job. [not clear] do you feel disappointed because of the lack of resources and lack of support from above? I try to overcome this. If I am disappointed I cannot get my work done. So I am not going to be disappointed. I try to get it done again and again. But there is a difficulty in getting it done. Cannot say that I get disappointed. I try again and again. Is there anything else you want to say? If a documentary like this goes to people outside, I would like to say to parents, if you meet this type of children, if you have a child, identify the child as soon as possible and direct to education. Have the belief that it is possible to develop the child through this. They have a right to education, they have the ability to acquire education, please provide the opportunity. That's what I ask. As the ministry of education, as provinces, as divisions, as schools, there are people who are willing to provide facilities. Take work from them!

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lakshman 2

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