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Sadhguru and Shekhar Kapur - After Death

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what happens to that energy once the body is gone is there individuality after the end of the body do I exist as I Do i have a soul is there reincarnation? or is it just my ego that is saying actually even when my body goes there an I that still exists but if that I then forms part of the larger universe then it has no identity it's a question and i cant answer it to people so would you answer it for me so i can tell people that i am quite wise now? see it is very clear if you close your eyes and sit right now you're looking at me if you close your eyes you cannot see me but you are still there isn't it? so right now is it you who is looking at me or is it your eyes who are looking at me so it is you who is looking at me through the window of your eyes you're looking at me if you close the window do you still exist? i still exist so you are clearly saying you're much more than the body isn't it and you also know very clearly that this body you slowly accumulated or in other words what you call as my body is just a bit of a loan that you've taken from mother earth just a piece of the planet she's pretty generous yes very generous shes pretty generous with the loan but when the time comes she wants to collect it atom by atom see now I hold this pebble in my hand initially i say this is my pebble I'm not willing to give it to you after some time I start thinking this is me now when the time comes that anyway this pebble is going to be taken from me I'm being terrorized because i am being taken away you're not being taken away only the food that you gathered the piece of planet that you gathered in the form of this body the planet is asking it back if only you were aware this is only something i have accumulated not intellectually every moment if you are constantly aware that I am not this body this is just mine all-right this is just a gathering i have accumulated this i will use it and when it is necessary i will drop it if this awareness was there all the time in your life Death would be just a change of clothes isn't it is actually more simple than that so what happens after okay I've been back the loan the question is only willingly or unwillingly but whichever way the long gets taken your body as you know it physical body has to go to the earth because it belongs to the earth but there is a subtler body which is like a scaffolding only because the subtle body is there as a scaffolding you can build this gross body you eat a banana it becomes a body you eat a piece of bread it becomes a body you eat a brinjal it becomes a body because there is a subtler scaffolding this body that you see the physical body is only gathering around the subtler body so when this body falls the subtle body which is generally referred to as the ethereal body or whatever else is still on it still has some information but the important difference is when you had a physical body and a conscious mind you had a discriminating capability so once the body falls down along with your thinking mind logical mind and discriminatory aspect of the mind is fallen there is no more discrimination you only happen by tendencies so still there are certain tendencies why so much care in every culture particularly in this culture that at the moment of death if a man is dying no matter what your relationship with him you try to utter Gods name or you try to create the right kind of atmosphere for him even if he is your enemy you say Rama Naam Satya Hai or whatever you know whatever simple things have been taught to the people but something to create awareness and pleasantness around him because you want him to leave well because at the moment of leaving in case he is in a certain mode whatever the mode is lets say he's in fear mode now once he loses the discriminatory mind now there's no control over the fear see many times fear arises in your life because of your discriminating mind you twill say that's okay but that it's not like this you will reason and try to get out of it you there is no discriminatory mind it just snowballs into paranoia paranoia now like living human beings know paranoia that grows into a million billion fold because there is complete absence of discriminating mind but suppose you create pleasantness at that moment of death now these pleasantness also multiplies a million fold over because there is no discriminatory mind weather its sweetness or bitterness pleasantness or unpleasantness all of this can take on a big proportion if only there is no discriminatory mind see even when people are living very little of that discriminatory mind they are using mostly they are functioning by tendency which is unfortunate but once you shed the body there is no other way you only go by tendencies unless you reached a certain level of awareness where you can carry a certain dimension of awareness with you otherwise whatever is your quality will snowball into something very big if it snowballs into unpleasantness we say he is in hell if it snowballs into pleasantness we say he is in heaven so heaven and hell are not geographical places it is a state that somebody gets into is there reincarnation? you want to come back now oh yes so if there is substantial amount of information still stored which is the karma the karmic substance is still strong then once suppose you left out of feebleness of energy that is you became old energies became feeble and it rested for some time so this kind of life energies just rest for some time without too much activity but suppose the energies did not become feeble but you broke the body by accident or suicide or somebody shot you in the head or you somebody broke your heart whichever way you broke the body and you left the energies were still intends now this to take a long time for it to become feeble without the body and the mind if you had a regular body and a discriminatory mind let us say you would have worked out your karma in the next ten years and made the energies feeble but now that you don't have a body these ten years these ten years may telescope into a thousand years the dissident even always did go to to know and I am pleased to have you know should be my dad accidental that this bad because now union will situation is long very very long the good of more discriminated mind we don't know which way you and roll and the chances of finding another woman how to read a little because you're in the federal level of intensity you cannot find so unless you come to that I've level of intensity you have knocked suitable to take on a new body they should died of old age and in these became feeble you jest the other thing is find a cure body you went to bed and you know we're all costs so to push and me get back into battle within forty eight hours but a personal diary but bikinis body he then by accident of of the alliance this was in may take the normal depending upon what the level of intensity and how much of the information is do that on look now they're going to have you the city is a much more innovation and it needs to be property and that's true speaking his mind that's what we'll do is joke about it and give me now to talk about it because you can lead to all kinds of medicines I know the medicines in interviews that as adults we have happen with denominated of there then people is that they have made up of money that the defense thinking

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Sadhguru and one of India's leading Film Directors Shekhar Kapur, continue their one on one dialogues at the Isha Yoga Center, this time touching on the subject each one of us will enevitebly be faced with... Death. Not only that, but they speak on the significance of the last moment of death, the impact of Suicide, Heaven and Hell, Rebirth, Reincarnation, the Afterlife, Ghosts and more.

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