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Bus driver on his Act of Kindness

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When Kris Doubledee headed into work on Tuesday, he wasn't expecting all this attention. It is just something that I would have done like 100times over, something that you wouldn't think about, and I never thought about it after that. It was just something that I had to do. Doubledee was driving number 24 down to Portage when he noticed a man walking with bare feet. It was the same shoeless man he'd seen the day before. But this time he was in position to do something. So he stopped the bus right there to help. I asked him, I said "You don't have any shoes..." and he replied "No. I don't." So I told him "If I give you a pair of shoes, you keep them." He said "yeah" and I took off my shoes and I gave it to him. News of what Doubledee did spread almost instantly. One of the passengers who witnessed the charitable act, posted the story on a community news site. I thought "Wow! No judgement. It was just 'Here buddy, you need these more than I do.' But if you ask Doubledee why this story is getting so much attention, he's not quite sure. "I have no idea. Maybe, people don't see that as much anymore. Maybe you are distracted on the things that we were rushing out to do..." However he hopes it sends a message. Just to give the act of kindness that there's always somebody there watching over somebody. and there is always somebody there caring about somebody." and inspires others to perform their own random act of kindness. Kris Doubledee was even more surprised when he found out his story was getting international attention. This morning he was contacted by CBS in New York to be a guest on their morning show. Alana Cole, CBC News, Winnipeg

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Duration: 1 minute and 49 seconds
Year: 2013
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: CBC News
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Posted by: rakosnicek on Dec 23, 2013

A Winnipeg Transit bus driver who gave his shoes to a barefoot man speaks for the first time, saying he hopes his gesture will inspire kindness in others.

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