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LEAD Weekly - Leadership Pipeline - LEAD Others by Ana Gallo

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. Welcome to LEAD Weekly. Welcome to LEAD Weekly, practical tips to help you grow as a leader. Today you will be hearing from Ana Gallo, who is Site Staff in Monterrey and she is going to share with you about the LEAD Others role. Hi. Before you pause this video because you think it has nothing to do with your role description, I encourage you to think what do you do daily We all lead others, when we work our colleagues see how we do it. When we support a boy from the hope program When we work in the community center When we lead a team of missionaries or volunteers. Think in a practical way that you can apply this in your daily role something that rewards me the most when leading others is when these people understand what we do, how we do it and they get involved, they don't just start to think creatively, invite others to participate and all this results in multiplication at work and increases the range. Although leading others is not always easy for me the most difficult thing is to remember to work as a team Sometimes I'm so used to leading myself I forgot to tell the team, I need help .. or do we have these activities, that is why we are doing this. Also sometimes I am so involved in daily work that I forget to invest time in them. I'm getting everything urgent I'm doing all area activities and maybe I'm doing my job but I'm not spending time on my team That reminds me of a phrase that says "urgent is not always is the most important thing and the important thing is not always is urgent "And if I don't invest in the team So I don't know what they're doing and that won't give me freedom to ask them to account and they are not going to feel the need of realizing. Remember that success of one is the success of the whole team Invest in the team Don't make assumptions make spaces to speak of difficult things. Why always two heads think better than one If one stumbles the other will help him up

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