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Engagement Video

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You’re crazy! Did you practice that? Yea. Like 15 Billion times. You're kidding [Oh my gosh that was so funny] So, here we are... I have no idea what I’m doing I want to ask you something. So, you love a lot of things, right? You love volleyball, that’s why I brought this volleyball here. Remember the first time I saw you play volleyball? Um, was it beach? Yeah, it was Jordan Lake. Oh geez! It doesn’t count. I remember that Saturday, when I came to see you play in that tournament. I really started to have a love for volleyball more. I know that you love this a lot. You are so good at everything you love I’ll teach you. I also know you love to teach. I wasn’t able to bring the book out, but I it is a huge passion of yours. I know it has a huge place in your heart. I love to see you teach when I get the chance. I can really see the kids love you and you love the kids. You’re just a joy to be around. To see you do that well. I also know that you love to work out. I try... I know it’s something you like to do. You push yourself to the brink. I’m sore a lot. I know.. You do it because you love it... Of course! I also know you love to run. It makes me feel free. ..... [I'm mumbling something about a piano. I'm really nervous] I say all of this to say, you have a lot of huge loves of your life, they are almost surrounding you right now. I know your heart is full. I know you love sunflowers, you’re wearing one in your hair right now. I also know you love me too. I know you’ve loved these things for far longer time than you’ve loved me. So, I'm here to ask you something. I wish I wasn’t videotaping this, that would be great. Now you’re going to watch it and laugh. I'm not gonna laugh. **Marry Me by Train*** [I really hope she does, say yes] I never thought I would meet somebody like you. I never thought someone as awesome as you are would love so deeply someone like me. I never thought someone I would be with, will love me as deeply as you do, and show me their affection. You have dwarfed me in so many areas when it comes to love and it makes me want to strive harder and harder to do better. I love serving you with these hands; they give me a purpose. And I want to do this for the rest of my life with you. I don’t want to talk to much, I just want to show it with my hands, and what I know how to do. I know God is with me, and He's gonna help me be the best for you. So, Megan. I hope you like this ring. I hope it’s a good video. Because right now, I really don’t care All I care about is asking you. Would you make me one of the loves of your life? WILL YOU MARRY ME? YES! Now which hand do I put it on? Really?! wow I love you Prince I love you May

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Posted by: onyxice on Sep 23, 2014

The day I did it

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