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2019 - Brooke SALLEY AUDIO REF

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So we're here with Brooke, who arrived yesterday And Brooke, you're a StarDirector? I am So tell me a little bit about that journey How did you get started and now to this level? OK. I started in 2015. I basically just came in Yeah, I basically just came in, just to get a kit and just to replace some cheaper products that I had with some quality And after the first month, my mother who is now my director under me, told me why would she do a party for me and I was like I'm not going to party I'm a nurse by profession and I was like, I’m just not I own an assisted living and that was just my dream Well,she rocked on and I ended up doing a party for her and I realized I'd make really good money I had a $1,000 party and I thought Wow And so it just came and I had this lady who is my wonderful upline and she kept texting me saying,“Will you come to a Tupperware rally?”And I'm like, a rally?No It was two hours from my home And so I decided to go Well, actually, I didn't decide to go My mother who, my encourager, told me. She said,If you're going to do something,do it right or get out. And I was like OK So she travels with me. We travel two hours and I just get super excited. She tells me that I can get a stack cooker if I recruit some people.So, I’m like, how will I? I've never seen a cake baked in the microwave. So I got so excited and I went home and I started blowing my phones up and I recruited three. And she calls me at the end of the month and said, “Brooke, your manager" Just like that I know. I was like,“Really?” Just that it was easy and she's like, “Well, you need to recruit three more to be a store manager.”And I was like,“OK . Well, what does that entail?” And she told me and I'm like I can do that,because I'm very competitive And so I get back home on my phone. I start calling people and I recruit three more and she's like you've promoted to store manager And so my journey just kind of continues. And then throughout that summer, I had heard about Jubilee and I was like, I'm going to go, but I'm really not going to go to meetings. I'm just going to go to Disney.Go have fun Just have fun and maybe pop in. So, and I call her and I'm like,“Hey, I’m registered for that Jubilee thing.”And she said, “You did what?”She said but I'm really not going to go so don't worry about attending to me and she said,“Oh my gosh Cancel your Disney plans, you have to go. ” And so I thought, I talked to my husband He's like,“Yeah, if you're going to pay for it, you need to go to meetings.” So I went as a store manager and I was super excited. I was like I want to be a director next year So I worked super hard and then March the next year, at the end of it, we promoted to director teams. I was so excited, but I was like I want a car. So that was my next goal And so I just worked really hard. And so the first two months I did my 12,500 and then in month three, I didn’t. And I'm like, oh shucks, it's OK.So I'm like, I'm determined. I'm getting me a free car And so the next three months I worked really, really hard and I achieve it And I'm so excited the same month Well,actually a few months before I found out my upline had stage four cancer and she had been such a huge part in my journey And actually, the record breaker and during record breaker I actually achieved my car. And we did my well I’m new director of programs. So it was so exciting to be able to share that with her And that was one of the last events that she was able to go to So I kind of cruised along like next year and I was doing average, you know, nothing really major because I did work a full time job as well. So you still own the assisted living? Yes. And you’re still working there full time? Yes. I still work full time. And you've made it to star director Yes. Since 2015. Yes. Wow, you’re a busy lady. Sometimes I don't even know if I can breathe. But anyways, I kind of was getting going and then we came to Jubilee 2017 and we get call the day it started that our director passed away And so we literally leave Jubilee at the end of Jubilee and we go straight to her funeral And Cheryl Smith was sitting in front of me and I never went to the SS, because it actually came right after we had come to Jubilee when I qualified for it. And I was like, I can't go to it because I just went to Disney World. I just went to Julie And so it's just too expensive for my family to do that And so I remember her telling me,“You need to go You need to invest that, because it's going to be life changing.”So we end up asking if we can have an exception to go and so I got to go And it was a game changer, because you know, my team count was maybe 40, was my team count.My average sales were fifteen, sixteen thousand dollars, which I , which I thought was great But I go to the SS and I remember Cheryl Smith telling me don't let your minimums be your maximums And so I literally come back, I start dating parties and I start my party average for myself started increasing and I started 2018 with the goal of getting the Traverse I finished 2017 with one hundred ninety eight thousand, which I thought was great. And I said my goal this year is three hundred thousand, I can do it But I want to build my team to like 75 So I started 2018 off in the first month, so to get the Traverse, you have to do twenty five thousand a month and it's twenty one thousand dollars Oh man. I'm already starting out in the hole, but I just keep building, keep offering and then February comes Hemingway. And so I start working for it my girls start working for it and my team exploded And we start doing these months and we start building the momentum and so at the end of March, I earned it and my mother earned it At that point, she was just a manager and then my best friend earned it So there were three of us that went So anyway, so we're just trucking along and my team is just growing because we've grown so much just from the Hemingway.You know, as we’re recruiting these folks And so in April, I found out I'm pregnant and I'm so excited. I was like oh my gosh this is going to be great. You know, I’m older, I didn't think I could have kids and so we're getting ready to go to Hemingway We have so much fun Anyway, so we go and it was absolutely amazing Our team was doing great. I just had like a fifty thousand dollar month. I never even thought that was even possible with Tupperware and then so we get ready to come home Like I said, it was amazing And I was not, at this point they had announced that New York trip, but I was not working for it because I was pregnant. I was going to be nine months pregnant during the trip and so and I remember Cheryl told me at Hemingway, “Oh you need to work 40 miles.” I was like, “No.” Not going to do that Anyways, I get home and I'm fixing to find out the gender of the baby. And we find no heartbeat And so it was a traumatic time and I can tell you what got me through all that was the same week that we found out, I mean I was literally laying on the couch, my team earned my second wild trip to Hawaii or Disney We earned the Traverse in six months instead of a year and it was just amazing. So after I got through all that, I said I’m going to work for New York And so at the end of the summer we earned a New York trip. My second all-expense paid trip of the year. And so at this point, I'm like wow, I just never thought my team could do this But we just kept building the momentum and just building people up, promoting managers and towards the end of the year, I'm realizing I could be elite by this year I could hit that half a million and I'm like,” Really?” And so, and I can earn Cuba. And we did it We earned New York, we earned Cuba. I mean we earned three trips last year. It was just an amazing journey, but it really all started with that Well, really it all started at the SS when Cheryl really got in my head and just really coached me But then it really started with Hemingway just building my team and once I started seeing that we were building managers and people's lives were changing, it just was a game changer for my whole team So that's kind of how my story in a nutshell That’s very, very impressive So you've been running a full time career Yes. And your Tupperware business What is it about Tupperware that makes you want to stick with it and makes you want to put all this work in? Well, I can tell you as a nurse, I work like I said with an assisted living, and so I deal a lot with death and dying And so I had to put like my sadness and the things that I deal with in something fun And so I remember my grandmother going to Tupperware parties and you know and she's passed on now, and so somehow it just made me feel connected you know to that. And so, it's just fun. You know, it's not like I have to go and I have to chart all this stuff and make sure everything's perfect. If somebody doesn't get something, they're not going to get sick or it's just fun And it sounds like you have a great support system too. Your mom was urging you Yes. Your best friend is doing it as well. Yes. She is one of my managers, but I've actually neglected to tell you that my first promote out was my mother She's my director under me. So it's so great Not only, and we own the assisted living together, so we get to do both of our businesses side by side together. So, that's just really impressive how much you've grown with so many things going on and I'm so sorry for your loss, but it sounds like the relationships you've built with Tupperware have helped you to get through these things my team was amazing They came and brought me food I had parties scheduled that week. They did my parties They bagged my orders They were absolutely wonderful. And I tell everybody and I know folks are like,Don't tell your story about that that's too sad, but really Tupperware is what got me through that because all that good stuff happened and I just think everything happens for a reason It gives you something positive to focus on Absolutely. Absolutely. And New York really got my mind off of it That’s great. I’m happy for you So you mentioned one of the products that you wanted to earn was the stack cooker Yes Is that still one of your favorites? It is one of my favorites. I have lots of favorites I love all the premium products. But yes that is what really sold me on Tupperware, because I never, I thought Tupperware was just bowls And so when I went into that rally and they made that chocolate cake and I was like, “You did what in eight minutes?” And it just made me want it. So, yes, it is probably the staple piece that I use at almost every party It is my favorite piece. Along with the pressure cooker and the grill, of course stack cooker besides the cakes or is it mostly? Oh no, no, no. Not at all. I love making my dips in there. I love browning my ground beef in there I stack cooked meals all the time I actually just stacked one at rally that y’all postedto the salesforce website. So, we loved that last week But no, like we do all kinds of stuff in there. But yeah, definitely the stacked mealsis showing everybody how easy it is because I'm busy working two jobs. I'm busy I actually told my husband the other day I don't know the last time that I've cooked on the stove top I mean seriously Like it's always a pressure cooker, stack cooker,grill. Something like that, that we're cooking Have you found that your party guests are equally as surprised by what the stack cooker can do? Oh yes, for sure. I always demo a premium product and at the end of my party, they always want it And so we either date party more parties or they purchase it So absolutely So you talked a lot about your personal journey. Do you feel that, you are already in a career, but do you feel that your Tupperware business has helped you to gain more time for yourself and more time for your personal development and goals? Oh yeah for sure. You know with my other, there was no room for you know, really going up because we did own it There really was no way of making more money You were already at the top Yeah.I mean, I was already there but there was no, and I really did not think Tupperware could you know match my income I did not think I could just personally move up. So yeah, it definitely gave me goals because I'm very goal-driven and so with my goals it’s just helped me to work more and work harder to beat those goals every month And you know last year, I mean, I really did kind of match my nursing income and it was amazing that I could do that You're in competition with yourself Oh absolutely, absolutely. My own business leader will tell you that Is your husband involved? Oh absolutely. I am a firm believer if you don't have a supportive spouse, you can never do this business because you know if you want to come in and do it right and really empower people, you have to have somebody behind you I have two small children at home and so I mean, when I first came in my husband was like my mom. If you're going to do it, do it right And every step of the way he's been super supportive. I'm so proud of you, you've done so great You can do more. I know you can do it And so he actually, his job is closing at the end of this year. And so Tupperware has allowed us to if he does not find the job right away, that we can support him with my Tupperware income. So it's been good. It's just great. It's just I can't go on about how much I love Tupperware and what it's done for my family It sounds like it's really helped you to grow as a person Yes Just to be in the business Oh yes. I mean, because before I worked my job, I come home and that was it. I didn't feel like I had a purpose and now I feel like I'm helping other people do this to. People that want to stay home with their children or maybe they have, they want to pay off debt or travel I mean I always love to travel I was joking with my business leader. I said I never realized I would travel so much. I've always said I wanted to travel more, but I think I want to travel a little less I guess I've earned so much, so many trips with Tupperware this last year How have you seen the personalities or the confidence levels of your team? How do you see that change as they grow? Oh my goodness. Leaps and bounds, because you know I started 2018 with two managers and you know we've grown and I think we have 12 now And so through those, I just see their confidence building, you know, and we're teaching them how to be leaders for their team and not just be just a person to the side with a manager title but actually empower them to be that leader of the team to teach. You know, and just be there for them, be support. So yeah, I mean I've seen confidence levels really skyrocket because I think that when they stay to the side and they don't really, they're not an implemented part of this big team that we have, they don't feel important. And so when they're actually getting those titles, I think, I let them be a big part of it. You know The Tupperware business really gives people the recognition they're maybe not getting Absolutely. And I am big on recognition. A little recognition at my rallies that I do or my team meetings that I do with my team I mean it doesn't matter if they submit 20 dollars this month, I am going to celebrate that because every little bit counts Everybody needs that And sometimes it's OK to have an off month. I tell my girls this, because you know life happens. I had a bad month myself and my personal sales were not where they should have been But guess what? I picked it back up the next month and I kept going What would you tell someone who's considering joining the business or maybe is in a career they're unhappy with? What would you say to them about Tupperware? Oh definitely give it. I mean, I always tell people it’s not for everybody, but it's for everybody to try It's 39 dollars and I tell people all the time, How many times do you go to a Wal-Mart or a supermarket and you throw 39dollars worthof stuff that you really didn't need?” And this 39 dollars is giving you a business opportunity When I went and opened my business in 2007, it was a lot more than 39 dollars It was a lot more headache 39 dollars gets you started. So absolutely And you never know where you can take No. I never. I mean look in back in 2015 when I joined, I had zero indication that I would make this a career I really thought that I would, the only direct sales I've ever been in was Kelly's Kids back years ago where we had no support, no recognition and I literally sold it maybe a month because it just wasn't that support. So coming in and having like my family, like my Tupperware family, I mean it's just an amazing opportunity Is there anything else you'd like to add? Great job of telling your whole business story, but if there's anything else I’d love to hear it No. That’s my story. I hope I didn't bore you No. That was great. Thank you Absolutely Do you have some fun things planned for today? I do. I do. We are shopping and there’s like little malls and stuff around here Disney Springs is right across the street. It’s great. Great advice Well we've got to go. So it's good? Yeah The feeling in summer jeans Thank you for having me You too

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2019 - Brooke SALLEY AUDIO REF

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