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Bernard teach: Energy and Illusion as Quantum Reality as the Future 2

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Desteni Presents: Energy and Illusion - Part 2 A solution had to be found because of the very nature of energy, that was created as a 'mental energy' as the the energy of individualized - a delusion implied within that 'equal and one', was a limitation to a single point which made possible the manifestation of the individual 'form', within 'context' of the triangle because that 'emergence' of an opinion, of a point of view, about 'something' in conflict with a point of view of, 'another point': created a triangle Two points in conflict created then, a point of combustion a point of 'friction' which created energy, another level of energy That energy is the, energy we today live as, as personality That made it possible obviously for the automatic emergence of what you would call 3-Dimensions because that's how we created 3-Dimensions as a system the fact that that was a delusion, didn't matter because within that we 'became' that separated opinion, that idea of ourselves when we became that 'idea' of ourselves, we created what you have today Entities, beings, even in the physical, that exist 'not as' the physical You're- existing as the mental projection, of your physical self So, you became a digital self a self contained within, opinion, digits, symbols which is not physical because remember if you go back to, the story of Anu and them They took, 'symbols' from the planet they took pieces of the planet and made, symbols of it which is they made an opinion, they created an idea then the idea became important and your opinion about the idea became your mental projection your delusion, your illusion - what you believe yourself to be which then I would call a personality this personality will 'fight' for its existence, by having a point of view which is in conflict with another point of view the friction between 'those two' has created, 'the system' as it exist today According to that we have then made 'rules' for the system which is the laws and the moralities and the belief that exist today which 'we' then 'adhere' to we have taken 'that' and put it into 'symbols', which is the writing made it our laws, and we have 'bound' ourselves - to that For that reason something had to be created - a vacuum which is earth: the atmost fear (atmosphere) Where, did fear ever existed, from a perspective as we have it today before- we created the mind? No, fear did not exist, as that Fear started 'existing' as it, exist today the moment we started to 'fear', losing our, point of view which we believed 'to be ourselves' which was not really 'real' so you're inevitably would lose that point of view because, it isn't who you are but the moment you believe 'that is all who you are' you are obviously the moment the point of view, no longer exist - you 'also' no longer exist which is how we created our own 'end', which we are now currently living out we are now, reaching 'the end of time' which means we are reaching the point where we can no longer, 'generate' this sustainable- this, 'idea' of our self sustainably because we have created virtually in every 'possible way', a form of 'conflict' where we cannot, 'trust' each other but we live in 'fear' of each other So we have become simply, mental projections contained, within the physical, which 'sucks' the physical dry, until it 'dies' and then the mental projection that remains, is what you end up 'in the afterlife' as and that, you are basically, absolutely 'powerless' so unless you actually 'deliberately' in the afterlife give up your existence within the understanding that you have 'become' virtually an illusionary energy of that, and you let it go that means you 'give back' what you have allowed you to become to it's source - which is the physical so that you become 'in that' - the physical you are pretty much screwed for eternity which is pretty 'cool', from a certain perspective because you now have no impact whatsoever on the reality you're simply non-existent From the perspective now imagine, the problem that 'emerge' from all of this: One's mental projection that you have 'become', as personality has then, created from its(self) entities, which is the systems that come these systems has become 'alive' in a way because that, you know you have changed its energy from the perspective of or, it is a- it is 'projection of energy' it is like a wave of, it's an outflow of, it's a mirror effect of of the- original energy it's not the original energy it is like, having a 'picture' taken of it, and believing the picture to be real that's how the mind system operates Now imagine these things existed, before earth existed, a long time before it Earth is just a manifestation, where all of these points have been brought together so it can been seen, to understand how we've created this reality How we've created ourselves, in essence so therefore 'earth', had to be 'manifested', as a singular point, which was everyone had to be brought 'together here' to get 'stuck' in the 'actual manifested delusion' which was 'sound' which is what earth is earth, is sound and within 'sound' which contains all possible expressions it's "possible", to actually manifest the illusion, and live, and live it as if it is real so you can learn what is the consequence of the your creation Part Three to Continue.. 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