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Trucking Diaries 11

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So I'm in South Bend , Indiana and I'm heading over to Montana and the interesting thing about it is that I'm gonna be delivering in Yellowstone Park actually its kinda like Yellowstone Park area but its gonna be very interesting I'm alomost in Chicago right now, I'm gonna try to past thru , its rush hours so its gonna be pain in the neck I'm suppouse to be in Montana by saturday afternoon and then from there I'm gonna head over to Oregon Its gonna be pretty nice drive.... I'm in Big ..almost in Big Sky, Montana ,this is a Four Corners , Montana and I'm suppouse to deliver one pallet to a private house in Big Sky and I've had a little bit of the problem with this lady yesterday, she called me and she was kind of rude she's insisting that I'm suppouse to deliver this right by her driveway and she is telling me they getting big trucks all the time but obviously most of the time people , they don't really recognize the size of the trucks and you know for them big truck its also i don't know big pick up truck , they don't really understand things like this which is understandable, but you know sometimes they like pretty rude and they saying , well we paying for you know getting deliver to our house , whatever so anyhow this morning she called me and she is kind of nicer she came up with this idea she is gonna meet me over the wieght station over here in Four Corners and I'm gonna follow her in her car to her house and I'm actually , I'm not sure if this is gonna work so I decided to do that to the point like I'll see the road I'm suppouse to make a turn or whatever and you know judge things if I can do this if not I'm just gonna refuse it beacause I don't wanna get myself into some kind of troubles and stuff like this so we'll se what's gonna happend I'm in Portland ,Oregon, I'm heading over to my third stop right now I'm about ten miles from my destination traffic of course sucks, and hopefully I'm gonna get there before 3 o'clock , 'cause thats the time they gonna close this is too much . I'm driving along , I opened my window and I'm like what is this smell this guy , over here , he's got dead animals on his trailer ,that stinks sooo bad see if I can video this....look bad truck ....go away you kidding me

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Country: United States
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Producer: Alicja Zuber
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Posted by: tekilka on Jul 16, 2011

trucking along

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