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Fundamentos de la termoeconomía, tecnología cocuyo parte 1 (a)

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Hello dear fellows, lovers and protectors of our Great Mother Earth. These inventions, or technology or devices we are about to deliver to you comply with the most strict compliance of the natural laws known so far thus their effectiveness – they are a fact. These inventions are a fact; they are not for the future they are available as of this very moment and they are a world heritage. It is important to state that they can be made out of simple components and in domestic workshops anywhere around the world. There are people who are very good at crafts and they can make them after they get the instructions of each device. A great deal of interchange will take place because if they were hard to make, the transnational companies would have to make them and under this situation, commerce, loans, capital intermediaries, and department stores would be involved and finally we, as consumers, would get them 10 times more expensive Here, there are people who can make them everywhere and others may need them, and they would interchange them for material goods, it could be a symbiotic interchange and industries and sources of work would start where the system does not intervene to take the greatest earnings from the workers’ products –a symbiotic interchange– and we would create a new economy. OK, they are a world heritage and once they are uploaded on the Internet they will be public knowledge, so that they are not patented. I could patent them myself, or somebody, but it would mean business and the importations –everything– would be incredibly expensive for people. Well, that’s good news; many people will have industries everywhere rural and indigenous villages, all of them making their own ecological elements because there are many people who want to be ecological but they don’t have the means, they don’t know how. That’s what we are doing; giving them the means to be ecological for the benefit of our Mother, our Great Mother Earth. Let’s analyze Thermo-Economy. In the Universe –in everything that is moving– the Laws of Thermodynamics intervene These Laws Intervene in every process and we will talk about the second law of Thermodynamics, which is the Entropy Every time energy is used, whether it is to make a machine, or to produce an effect, both to Nature and ourselves, human beings, the Universe takes a certain amount of energy from us it takes a certain amount of energy away from us then all the energy that is produced is not available for performance because the Universe tries to compensate its energies; it is equitable where, if there is much heat somewhere, it takes it away immediately to distribute it somewhere else quite the contrary with men, who just a few of them possess the capital and the rest of the people don’t have anything at all men are not equitable. Nature is equitable and that is why it tries to distribute energy, but at this point, nature uses some means a technology that prevents this escape, this Entropy. The firefly has its own bulb. Today we’ll talk about light. Light that is so important for us all, and fireflies produce light that does not waste practically nothing no heat at all, making Entropy to be really low and that’s why we call it cold light, very productive to the point that if we had the firefly technology, what is spent by an American, 12,000 watts at home, one home spends 12,000 watts; with that amount of energy and using this technology we could illuminate a whole city because energy is not wasted. this technique... Mother Earth has this technique. Unfortunately we have not gotten it yet but we are getting closer. Instead, contrary to this, men have invented the most wasting machine in the Universe ever. I think that no civilization has ever make an engine, the internal-combustion engine for vehicles, that is more wasting than this one. It consumes… it wastes 75% of the energy that is filled to it! That means, that this is just fire and it radiates energy, and movement is not much. Out of 100 dollars you spend in gasoline 75 dollars are wasted only 25% of the energy is used to move the vehicle. Another thing with no precedents in addition How is it possible that a vehicle…? Because we think we are so advanced, we think we are the supreme civilization because we have the newest model vehicle; it is actually a prehistoric invention, according to us who know another kind of technology. Because how is it possible that a truck weighing 2.5 tons –it is pretty much the weigh of a vehicle for a family-, is designed to transport a worm, a person, weighing 145 pounds. 2 tons and a half for transporting 145 pounds. That can’t be understood on nobody’s mind that is truly advanced technologically. Ancient civilizations, Roma believed it was the supreme civilization ever people from the 15th Century believed they were the best and now we believe we are supreme because we have vehicles with satellite connection and everything but they waste 75% of the energy a really high Entropy. Fortunately, or unfortunately, men did design a highly efficient machine. Too efficient. It works perfectly It is called Radiator The radiator is made out of tubes, sheets, hoses, a water tank, an electric plumb, and an incredible amount of gadgets in order to waste 75% of the energy. That’s all about it. It is the perfect machine for wasting energy. Out of millions of oil gallons, of millions of oil barrels used everyday 75% is wasted by vehicles. Incredible, isn’t it? But there are consequences. There are consequences. All the heat irradiated by vehicles is really harmful to Mother Nature and we are suffocating because of that heat produced in all the cities, produced by millions of oil gallons, of oil barrels burnt everyday out of which 75% are wasted damaging the atmosphere, producing global warming; and only 25% is used for moving vehicles. Not to mention that vehicles are stopping in traffic jams, in traffic congestions, in buildups, in traffic lights, stopping and consuming energy that is to say that not even 25% is used; it is used just 5 or 10%. OK. Let’s think about it. The energy used to move a single vehicle or truck is the same amount that is used by a herd of elephants; 7 to 12 elephants would waste the same amount of energy wasted by a vehicle, simply by comparing their relation in weigh. A vehicle uses the same amount of energy that Nature uses for moving 7 elephants. That is a comparison quite fundamental.

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Se avecina la peor crisis energética mundial.
Las naciones que más se enseñaron a depender y a derrochar la energía son las que más sufrirán, y sus ciudadanos entrarán en la peor desgracia.
Magnum propone a los Gobiernos del Mundo:
La ley de la economía termodinámica como la única solución que existe.
Se dispone a demostrar científica y matemáticamente, con ejemplos sencillos pero contundentes Fundamentos de la Termoeconomía

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