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Smell of the Place

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Individuals do not change fundamentally in who they are without a very serious personal crisis at some time but the conclusion again for us perhaps.. the key conclusion is.. that is the role question to ask. revitalizing people has a lot less to do with changing people and has a lot more to do with changing the context that company's, that senior manager, that people in this room, create around their people. now.. (where) some manager call it "the smell of the place" it is a hard thing to describe and let me try to describe it. The best way I'd experience it, to my short of personal experience if you wish. I teaches at the London Business School, I lived in London, have done so for the last year and a half. Before that I lived in Fontainebleau in France for about 8 Years. But one look at me, and then one sound of my accent's then you know I did not come from either these two wonderful places in the World. I come from India, from the Eastern part of India. My hometown is the City of Kolkata. So every year I go to Kolkata, in the Month of July, so only time when my children have a some of vacations. No.. Kolkata is a wondeful town. In Winter, Auntum, and Spring. But Summer, well the temmprature is 102-103. The Humidiy is about 99%, and I feel really tired, Most of my vacation I am tired, I am (spend time) indoors I should live in Fontainebleau. on this I genuinely challenge you (to) go to the forest of Fontainebleau in Spring Go with a firm desire to have a leisurely walk and you cant The moment you enter the forest, there is something about the "chrismast of the air: There is something about the smell of the the trees, in Spring. You want to jump, you want to Jogg, you want to catch a Brine, to run. Do something, and that I believe is the essence of the problem. Most companies, particularly large companies. Have created a downtown Kolkata in summer inside them self and.. and then they complain, they say you lazy, you don't take initiatives, and then you don't take co operations, not to changing the company this issue is not about changing me. I have a lot of energy in spring, in Fontainebleau. And I a bit tired, in summer in Kolkata. And thats basic In Summer in Kolkata, and that's basic. To changes ultimately beyond all these abstractions of strategy of organization, of processes. At the end, the issue is how we change the context, how do we create Fontainebleau forest inside companies. what's the typical context, typical maybe too strong it worth, what's the context that you find in many companies not from their strategic level, where most of the people in this room sit but from the perspective of this frontline-person, the salesman in Lyon. Top management creates strategies, Chris talked about it. then the output come down to this frontline person, to me the salesman in Lyon. Constraint, it tells me by product, by customer, what I can do, with a box of constraint. The smell and then try to relate that metaphor. We all see it. we end up in a place for the first five minutes- you get the smells, you get it in the "hum"of people, you get in the quality, the color. The smells is constraint, compliance, companies create this elaborated infrastructure of systems, planning systems, budgeting systems, financial systems. all of it was down by the time it travels down to me. The smell it creates for me is compliance, I got to comply. Control, my relationship was not just with my boss. but with the entire management infrastructure is one of control it existed to control me and finally contract, we repeatedly use the word, you know, your job is a personal contract, relationship with the company is a contract Budgeting to a personal contract, one price for a contract, So Constraint, Compliance, Control, Contract. That's the smell we create. That's what I live in, and then we say.. you got to proactively create changes, you have to take initiatives. you have to cooperate. Where are we going to get those behaviour. What we found in our research, Another hand a few company that have create the environment that we described as the dimension of "Stretch, Discipline, Trust, and Support. And let me take a minute or two, to explain them. what top management does not create strategy that bold down as constraint, but rather creating such an excitement set of values and aggressive ambition, all of which create the smell of stretch. Not stretch we want to be a hundred billion dollar company or anything. But stretching the sense every individual all the time is trying to do more rather than less. Not compliance, of all the systems that create compliance, but discipline. Embedding norm of self-discipline. and you can see that in company, you can see where day to day behavior is shaped by this embedded norm of self-discipline. Self-discipline is... yes its meeting the budget, but its much more. It is meeting start at 9, and everybody arrive at 9. it is.. it people collectively agree to a decision in management committee even if individually you disagree. you do not start challenging that decision or unraveling it immediately outside on the corridor. I am in an Intel, you see this norm. Agree or disagree but commit. Yes people debate, people argue. but at the end the decision is taken and then agree or disagree but commit, self-discipline also not control, but support. The whole role of senior management changes. where they are not seen as the exciter of control. But as those who exists with one purpose which is to help me win. By access to resources, by coaching, by guidance. and finally, not contract but trust. and trust more than this very contractual sense in which we use the word trust. Trust in the sense that says if you carry that car I maybe in Australia and you be in U.S. I may never met you. but the fact that you carry the car is good enough for me to let go of the safeties business as usual and fly. Know that you will be in the safer hand at other end So Stretch, Discipline, Support, Trust, and I invited you, don't take those word, don't intellectual those word. But try to sense the smell that can be created if those are the norms of behavior. and our research says two thing. 1. it is possible to create that smell in company. there are companies. of company whereas they are part of the sample. 3M is one example where a management can create a smell and protected over long period of time that is assertion 1. it is possible to do it and protect it. assertion 2, it is also possible for a determine management that is inherited more of... the downtown Kolkata in summer to convert it to the Fountainbleu forrest, to the new context, and we seen it possible. and understatement that (inaudible) ultimately what's the test of quality management of a company. Performance we are very know is a very noisy measure. This to our mind is the real test of management. The context that managers create, that shapes the behaviour of people, creating the strecth, discipline, trust and support.

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Solely translated for Roadshow Culture by Mohammad Rinaldo. Copyright principle based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for certain purposes.

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