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Vozes da Floresta

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Voices from the Forest Julia Freire and Benki Ashaninka Images: Incabocla Editor: José Murilo Céu do Mapiá Amazonas - Brasil It's the sound of the water the sound from the bird when we play a song when we sing, when we are able to reach out to other people's heart many times it's through the music that we succeed Sometimes we don't understand the language being sung but we hear it, and it touches our heart It's the sound of the water, the sound of the wind, the sound of the person singing Someone who holds a knowledge and is sharing it with us This is the message that we should hear, and perceive in order to enter into contact and manage to build this harmony into life, beyond this body I am going to sing a song which is not from ayahuasca but it is a music of joy, of remembrance It is a music speaking of birds, of life and nature speaking of separation, and of hope: I am passing by, I hope to come back some day, to be here again and also: here I am, on my land traveling like a bird I would like to have a message, from Benki to the world I want to speak from my heart through my spirit The awareness we have of the great biodiversity existing on our planet Earth and the great difficulties the planet is going through, all this degradation, this huge devastation of the earth, of the waters, of the forest and even the unconscious mentality caused by artificial chemicals acting on some beings who are transmitting those vibrations and are not allowing the people to reach balance in life I want to make a plea, and leave a message from the heart to all the nations of the world that caring for what God left us is the only hope we have, through the awareness of our mother earth as the safety of our life. The forest represents our mother and from forest we take all the life that supports other lives. the fruits, the seeds, the potatoes, the roots, and guarantees also the water With consideration, our people used to say that our body is like the earth without our clothes, we are nothing under the sun. but with the clothes we are. We've got a cover. we are dressed. This green cover over the land is the security of the earth so that it will not dry out, and we won't run out of water. If we get undressed, then it's like the earth our body dries out, burns, and everything ends. So we hope that human awareness can turn itself back to the safety of this universe through those alliances and from the inspiration which tells that life is the great spirit protecting us, through this universe. Pawa has left us full of riches, beauties and enchantments and may we achieve this safety and this hope, through this life, as indigenous people We hope that all the nations can be able to share this awareness All the best... To all the world!!

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Duration: 6 minutes and 10 seconds
Country: Brazil
Producer: José Murilo
Director: Incabocla
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Posted by: josemurilo on Aug 25, 2007

Julia Freire & Benke Ashaninka talk about nature, the forest, and about what we can do in order to hear the voices asking the world to take better care of mother earth.

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