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I'm Raffie Beroukhim I'm Senior Vice President and general manager of the NEC Advanced Recognition Systems Division here in North America. Advance System Recognitions Division provides public safety, equipment and services and solutions to our law enforcement and federal government practice. We are also providing solutions to the customer experience vertical. Which increasingly seizes the need for biometrics and solutions towards providing a frictionless, personalized and secure experiences for all citizens of the world. NEC believes We believe, that there are multiple applications of a single unified biometric key. Whether it's an airport, whether it's a theme park, stadiums, transportation hubs, hotels and hospitality, cruise lines All of these things where there are a experience to be had with a client. A single unified key can improve those experiences. Our experiences today are hard, they are harsh. We;re not being recognized as an individual, and a single unified biometric key in all of these verticals I've talked about can really change that. That's why you find NEC is committed to its implementation to working with multiple stakeholders to actually provide this, bring this into market. I'm very excited about the changes that this will provide for all of us and all of our experiences. Each one of those words, a single unified biometric key is a component of a customer experience. But perhaps the most critical word in that phrase is biometric. Because biometric uniquely identifies an individual. And while we're talking a facial recognition. The accuracy of the technology in different environments, in difficult environments has reached the point where we can accurately identify the individual. Our first word was biometric. That we need to be able to have an accurate means of identifying an individual. The other words, unified, single. Also provides key components of this customer experiences. Unified means that you can use that token, that facial recognition through multiple cost points. You can talk it about entry lounge access parking lot point of sales And single, means that we don't necessarily need to provide multiple identification cards. We don't have to bring a boarding pass and a passport and a drivers license. It's single, it's unified, it's biometrics. And through these three keywords we can identify the positive customer experience. Something that is personalized, something that people enjoy experiencing. So we believe at NEC, we have the technology the know how, and the key vision to be able to provide truly a positive experience It's a very exciting time here at NEC and Advance Recognition Systems Division. We are providing what I believe is state-of-the-art technology. We look forward to sharing those more as we go along. Well I appreciate the time you've spent with me, and I look forward to seeing you and sharing future updates with you as we go along. Thank you very much.

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