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In Luke chapter 17 we read the story of 10 people suffering from leprosy who encounter the son of the living God. 'Jesus, have mercy on us' – and their lives are changed forever. They approach Jesus and they seek – what? Well, they are suddenly transformed, that's for sure. For in that one brief request, 'Have mercy on us', they are suddenly restored to a whole new pattern of life. The change is perhaps difficult to imagine, certainly difficult to comprehend, for we're talking here about outcasts, those who are excluded, disowned, those for whom life is lived decidedly on the margins. Is it then any wonder that they dash off? Perhaps of course we see in the nine that suddenly disappear something of ourselves – an urgency to go and do something, when in fact the opportunity to give thanks – the opportunity just to reflect for a few moments in the presence of the living God is what occurs to the one who turns back – turns back of course to the living God. What's so fascinating about this passage is the sense of thankfulness which is a response to God's profligate love – a love that is poured out without question, a love that is freely given regardless of return. Now, that ought to say something about the mission of the whole church, but it certainly says something about the mission of each Christian disciple, both to reveal the love of God, and crucially to give thanks for the encounter with God. It was once observed by a Methodist minister called TS Gregory that giving thanks is telling the truth about God in the presence of God, well, that's a slightly different matter: that's about God telling the truth about us. We find in our prayer Thy Kingdom Come the opportunity to express a thankful heart – to give thanks, to live thankfully. And when we live thankfully we see the world very differently indeed. We see the world through God's lens. We see possibilities, not only for transformation of the world, but for that inner development of our own heart, our own soul, our own encounter with God's good and gracious creation. We seek to live thankfully in response to a gracious God, so that as a thankful people we are more open to the promptings of the Spirit.

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