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Paul Hawken - A Response to the Present 

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global oneness project A Reponse to the Present And really, let's ask ourselves, "What is useful?" We talk--I do--about being connected, that it is all connected, Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author so therefore, a conscious response is going to be grounded in a sense of connection and connectivity to other people, to life itself. But do we do it? And to me, one of the most useful things that we can do is really forge those connections. And that means those connections with people with whom we do not agree with, for whom our vision, if you will, of the future is anathema, with those who worship different gods, different religions, who dress differently, talk differently, think differently, vote differently. And what is it that connects us to them? What is the language? What are the values? What is it that allows them and us to accept those differences but look past them and understand what is common? As I said earlier that I believe the gift of the rate of change that's occurring now in the world, which is a cascading and growing set of problems and assaults and depredation and suffering, is that it makes that conversation more and more possible. And it is not possible when you have the illusion that everything's going as it should and that we live in the best of all worlds, and there are many people who think that right now. We don't live in the best of all worlds, we don't live in the worst of all worlds, but we do live at this time when so much is being lost, and in that loss, in that knowledge, we have the ability, we have the grace, if you will, given to us to then reach out to others because there aren't two lifeboats-- we can sink that one; we're on the other one-- we're in one boat together. Buckminster Fuller said that this spaceship was so ingeniously designed that we don't know it's a spaceship. But it is. And we're all in this together. There are those who say, "Well, let's get rid of Walmart" "and let's get rid of Exxon." "Let's get rid of all the things that we project out as our shadow." And I'm saying 127 million people go to Walmart every week, so let's be careful about who we demonize. Let's not demonize anybody because that is the process, that is the acts that got us to where we are today. And so it takes more courage to go out from there naked, if you will, instead of clad in thought forms about the other because as long as we do that, then the other truly becomes separate and distinct and we are separate from ourselves. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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