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Magic has changed. No more top hats or tails. Now, you can wear anything and do a really cool trick It's more amazing that way. It means, that you can do it. Let's watch this next clip. Because now, just in case you didn't know if you could do an illusion or not I took Josh who's a neighbor from down the way a little bit And I said, "Do you want to learn something?" This is Josh right over here? Hello. And I taught Josh this in 10 minutes. And he was like a pro doing it. Okay? So he's got his dad in here. This is Larry right over here. Hello. Larry is going to watch it for the first time ever. Never it seen before Has no idea what he's going to do Take it away, Josh. Do you have a business card on you there? - Of course. - Okay What I'm going to do is fold this card up into fours here You're not going to be seeing this card again, so I'll just say. And this is going to make for one amazing trick. Do you like magic? I do. Good. But I don't think you can be able to do that. Only magic will make it. Well, we'll see. -- We'll see what 's going to happen. --That's one of your routines. You know all of the routines, okay. Now, as you can see, this is your business card. Mm-hmm. It's torn up with one hole right in the middle. No funny stuff. Winding to this string If I can get you to hold either side, real taught for me Well, how much space? -- That's really good right there. -- Right there? Now, this card is only going to come off this rope in two spots and that's over here Right. and over here Right. So, right now, I'll leave it right there in the middle. Okay. Now, I could do this trick for you in plain view But I found from the reaction of my audience that it's best for your own good that I cover it with this handkerchief This trick is so amazing. It can't be seen by the human eye. Okay. Now, I learned this trick many, many years ago as a young boy, I was scouring the internet... Is that what you're doing on the internet all the time? -- That's every night. [Larry: All right] -- Okay, but here we go. Here we go. And, this... this is... okay, yeah. But I didn't think I'll be able to do it. You don't think I'll be able to fool you. But I think I've got this going right. Go slack. Go slack off... okay. Yeah. There it is. How did you do that? It's easy, it's cheap. That's my card.

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Posted by: aimglory on Aug 2, 2011


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