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Lasercap Review with Dr. Robert Haber

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[LaserCap] [By Physician Only] [Does Light Work?] [Q/A with Dr. Robert Haber] [Robert] To me, I think that question has been answered. It's been answered by a whole number of well-performed clinical studies that have been FDA-approved. And to me, at this point, it's almost like asking do digital cameras work? Well, we know digital cameras work. Now, you can get cheap disposable ones that don't produce good photographs, or you can buy a higher-quality one that produces exquisite photographs. The consumer has a choice. And the same with the laser devices. Light grows hair; that's been shown pretty much definitively. [Ok. So, light works! But how to choose the right device for my patient?] [Robert] For a doctor to make that decision, they're looking at the same issues: what are their patients going to actually be able to use? And what's going to be effective? [Choose Convenience, Efficacy and Credibility.] [Robert] Now there are low-priced handheld devices that are difficult to use, that maybe have poor compliance. There are copycat devices to this device, which are helmets that make you look like a Star Wars Stormtrooper. And then you have something like the LaserCap itself, which delivers the right kind of light at the right dosages, but in a very discreet manner. So it can be worn privately; you can use this while you're doing anything, while you're walking around, while you're shopping, while you're cooking. And therefore it's very discreet and very effectively performs. And one of the great things about our company, of course, is that we have an advisory board that consists exclusively of Golden Follicle Award winners and Platinum Follicle Award winners, meaning we have some of the brightest brains in their field, the best in the world, that are giving us technical and scientific advice on how to make this product the best it can possibly be. [In Summary...] Delivering the right light, we're delivering it properly. We're delivering it discreetly. And so that's what makes it such an effective product. [LaserCap - By Physcian Only] [Call 1-877-711-4769] [[email protected]] []

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Duration: 2 minutes and 17 seconds
Year: 2014
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Alex Marculescu
Director: Alex Marculescu
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Posted by: lasercap on Apr 14, 2014

An interview with Dr. Robert Haber on the use of low level laser therapy for hair growth and the current devices available on the market.

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