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Nuevo juicio a jóvenes vascos

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28 young Basque people face as from today a new political trial at the National High Court in Madrid. All of them are accused of being members of SEGI organization, formerly outlawed under the so widely used by the Spanish Government unfounded theory of "everything related to Basque resistance is linked to and therefore it is ETA". However, impeachments hold by the State Public Prosecutor do not have any evidence or proofs related to violent acts supposedly committed by them, neither any arm, gun or explosive were ever founded. They are not even accused of being members of any ETA command or having ever helped or collaborated with any fellow of that organization at all. They are accused of having taken part in solely political activities as organizing public acts and demonstrations, participating in young organizations, handing out political leaflets, and the alike. "Not at all. Indeed, when hour homes were searched by the Police Squads they did not find any kind of weapon or explosives at all. Just leaflets, T-shirts, Music CDs, books,... Some of those items have been later on deliberately distorted as "potentially" dangerous or punishable like "...a picture with some names which it is pretty odd..."; in any case it is a futile try to look desperately for any proof to build the accusation up. And for all this they can be imprisoned for 6 years. In fact, some of them were already imprisoned after they were arrested in 2010 an 2011. Most of them denounced tortures and abuses from the police, who was seeking their auto-incrimination We were under the regime of confinement during 4 or 5 days, and until they hadn't an auto-incrimination the punches and threats continued and once we signed that we were part of a terrorist organization, the punches and threats stopped. Afterwards we were carried in front of the judge. Completely different torture sessions. In some of them their work is to make you remember names... "Remember these names and you are going to learn them". They are trying that you assume something you haven't done, no? Seeking what Ibon has said, no? That auto-incrimination on something. But there are also other torture sessions, which are also the strangest, that their only goal is... bring out their Billy el Niño (a well known franquist torturer). Abusing only for the sake of it torturing only for torturing. You don't listen any question, you only hear laughs. They only insult. There is no investigation, even a minimal one. What they seek is to break you down, eliminate you as a person, and I wouldn't say only in that specific moment to gain your auto-incrimination, but make you so scared that in the future you will no longer work in your neighborhood, town, etc. Now, when the trial has just started, this 28 young Basque people are gathering the solidarity and help of the Basque society at the same time that remind all of us about the strong hopes on the current political scenario that Basque Country nowadays lives whilst they denounce what they believe to be political trials. I think they didn't want that a new scenario was built in the Basque Country, a peace process. They didn't want it at all, and in fact by that time some other police raids were carried in the Basque Country not only against the young people movements in the Basque Country, but also against other groups. I think it's clear that we are facing a political trial, because of all the things that we have been saying: We were arrested and tortured due to calculated political reasons. In the end, we are political activist, we are pure and plain dissidence in front of them. And it's a political trial simply because they are arresting us for something as basic as exposing our ideas, or working in the projects that we believe in and so on and so on... Summing up, because we are political activists. These 28 young Basques remind that recently another 40 other young Basque independency activists were acquitted at the National High Court in Madrid from the same impeachments. so they ask for a similar exculpate sentence at the end of these political trials. I believe that if these trials were nonsense before, now, when a peace process is going on, they have even less sense. Some months ago these 40 young basques were acquitted and now we are going to face the same process that they suffered.. I think that this trial has no sense at all, and afterwards, we believe that we should be acquitted without any doubt, not only because the main accusation against us are the auto-incriminations we signed when we were being tortured, because the rest of the proofs that the police shows are attendances to completely legal rallies. When we were arrested, they said : "we have once again cut off the head of the so-and-so-group " So, as they said it, the other 40 young Basques were the main dome, and we were the second one or something like that. And they are judging us, when they have set the other 40 people free months ago. It has no logic, but we aren't expecting any either..

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Nuevo juicio a jóvenes vascos

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