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Palestinian mothers_2

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My name is Aisha Atiya, I'm 42 years old. I have 5 sons and 4 daughters Tell us, what is a normal day like for you? A normal day is a tragedy, there is no work, people are standing aroung and there is no type of activity you can work in There are nine of us, two members of my family are in jail We have no type of remuneration, my husband is sick, my sons are minors, one is 14 years old and the other one is 10 And my daughters don't work. None of them work. We are originally from Natania, the lands of Natania and they were calld Oun Jalid I don't recall anything about out greatgrandparents but our parents speak of them. They told us how their life was, they were rich people, judges who solved problems and conflicts. And what happened to them; how did the situation change? What happened was that when they were driven out of here, some went to Tul Karam, others to other towns and other went to Oman to look for work, since the lands they owned were taken from them. They had no houses to stay in, they lived in tents and worked hard to be able to have a home and to reestablish themselves, they live in tribal fashion They meet and solve their problems among themselves as they did in Gharba When did your home collapse? They bombed it on, exactly the 27th of February They arrested my son on the 14th of February and days later on the 27th of February they bombed out house. Were you in the house or what- We were asleep (I think this is what she says) The spanish sub-titler asks for help with the last part and says (long live Palestine)

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Posted by: nurinu on Dec 28, 2010

Words of palestinian mothers that lost their sons. Sad stories of fight and death on a land devastated by israeli army. Help translate this in english or spanish and I could continue explaining this stories about the hard live condition of the palestinian people. This is going to be a part of a documentary and you will be on the credits, so if you help translating, please, give me your name. And thanks for your help. (If you want more info, please, write: trashbarbie at

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