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Hi,you are now looking at coolmessenger client and i am going to show you how it works in detail. At the end of the demonstration, i hope you get to know how to use it well. First of all, you can send a message and a file to any registered users in this organization chart. Although they are offline, you can still send them message. For example, you can choose a person and type in any message, then, send it off. The message is securely sent to the recipient. Secondly, when it comes to transfering a file, you can choose the file you want to send then, attach the file on to the message. Here is a good example of getting a file with message transferred. Now, you can see the message with the attachement file is securely being transfered. If you want to find out what comes in and what comes out from your client messenger, then, you can check it out through MessageBox. Recieved messages and Sent messages are recorded here. You can see the recipient hasn't checked the message you sent yet. In addition, you can check out recieved files here in the recieved file folder. Thank you. Second part of this demonstration includes general features in the menu. You will be able to get yourself more familiar with CoolMessenger Client. Let's find it out then... In my status, you can let your colleagues know your current state, just like messengers. Here in my profile, you can save your personal information, so, you can make yourself known to your colleagues. Messagebox and Received file folder have been explained previously, so, let's move on to Personal settings. In Personal settings, you can set Antenna function, which informs you when your contacts get online. Also, you can create your own personal organization chart for your convenience. Have a look at this personal chart. Now, let's have a look at Settings. Here in the settings, you can make a detailed adjustment, such as, language option, skin color, designated area of saved file, time-saving, lock setting, and sound effect setting as well. Finally in Help menu, you can check out the current version of Coolmessenger Client. Thank you. Final session of this demonstration is about other useful features. Here on the bottom of client messenger, you can see Notice, Memo, and bookmarks. Now, I am going to talk you through about those functions. First of all, Notice. You can create a notice that can be shown to other colleagues on the messenger. you can add a new notice like this, or just have a quick view at the notice. Secondly, Memo. Unlike Notice, this memo is a short note that is only for you to remind yourself of something. What is good about this memo is you can fold this memo into a little bar like this and drag it everywhere around keeping you posted at all times. Lastly, Bookmarks. This is also good feature that makes things easier for you. You can save any websites which you visit frequently. For example, if you want to have Google website at your fingertips. Input name of google and its URL address. Now, Google website is saved here. To move back to organization chart, simply click this button, And now you are back on the chart.

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Posted by: ltkremark on Feb 11, 2009

CoolMessenger is a secure business messenger for collaborative works. It is a useful tool for company to communicate in a secure way. This video contains a simple demonstration of CoolMessenger server showing main functions to get you started.

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