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French Toast - Mosaic Film Experience

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*humming* *phone buzzes "Oh thank god you're up. Why the hell am I doing this? I’m making the worst french toast you’ve ever had at 4 in the morning. I don’t have any milk. I don’t have any butter. No brown sugar or cinnamon so it’s just eggy toast really... Why does my stupid human brain make me set goals and challenges for myself when that same stupid brain really wants - no, it's knows that I will fail at them? I’m telling you it would be just so much easier to curl up into a ball of laziness I mean, it would be equally self-destructive, just without all the stress. And I know, I know what you’re going to say 'the easiest thing and the right thing are hardly ever the same thing' or whatever keeps your fragile little world in tact I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take this out on you. Yet more evidence that I’m slowly becoming this romantic alcoholic writer figure that just wears really heavy sweaters and alienates everyone around her and I tell you that sweater is damn comfortable *door slams* *car horn* so anyways I stayed up all night worrying about these damn classes I don’t mean to focus on the negative, but in fairness it is the only thing I know how to focus on- Charlie! I broke it off with Drew. I mean, like you were saying a minute ago- just because something's easy... or comfortable.. I wasn't moving. (Charlie) Here I am talking about switching majors and you’re going through a major freaking life event (Eve) Well, at least now I understand what you were going through a few years back. Still, 6 years gone. Well, you know I'm proud of you. I’ll pick you up tonight after I run to the store and I'll make you some real fancy-ass starting-over, stepping-out french toast. (Eve laughs) Okay, sounds good.

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Duration: 2 minutes
Language: English
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Posted by: meghanfelch on Oct 25, 2015

A quick-and-dirty mobile short by Meg Felch & Lilli Howard

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