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Malaysia-Lai Fung Sieng (Alyssa)

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- He didn't interview me with this kind of style. Okay. Am I okay here? - I think you're okay. - Like this? Or like this. - We do a brief self-introduction. Tell us your name and where you are from. My name is Alyssa Lai, I am from Malaysia. So can you talk about your background qualifications before you joined Youngevity? What were you doing in the traditional industry? - I am a beautician. I owned a beauty salon. 10 years ago MLM Company was a Japanese company. 10 years. - What motivated you to move from a company that has been weightless, a company that had been in business for 10 years, to MLM? - It was the first communications or network marketing company here, right? - Yes. - I'm into healthy lifestyle. It's about focusing on health. When you talk about healthiness, then I think it's my favorite. Then I just like it, I like to share it. - The Japanese company you mentioned, that was also a business in the healthy lifestyle industry? - Yes. - How did you get to know Youngevity? - Youngevity used to be BellaVita. - That's right - That's how I transitioned into Youngevity. - After joining Youngevity, what are your thoughts? Comparing Youngevity to other companies, what's the main differentiator? - I like the program, the market plan, it's the commission structure. That's the unique part about Youngevity. I'm touched by this product. I really like the product. On top of that, the founder of the company, I really admire him because of his book. - What research within the book stands out the most to you? - It's natural remedies that I want. This is what I want. - The cure is what you want. - Yes. - What do you think is right for you? So the best part is the product and then using the product. - The product, yes. - What is your favorite product? - Olive leaves and that fruit juice, These are my favorite. I recently fell in love with the olive leaves. I don't drink tea now, that's how much I love it. - What are the changes in your career and life after you joined? - I feel like I'm married to Youngevity. When I wake up in the morning, I'm thinking, what do I want to share today about Youngevity? It's part of my life now. Everything is Youngevity, Youngevity. - So what do you think about your own goals? What's your expectation? - Recently, now that both of my children are abroad, I have more time to share my thoughts. Being healthy is definitely number one. And once you focus on Youngevity, your income wouldn't be bad. This is a very good career. This is a very good team. - What is most exciting about future developments with Youngevity? - I believe that there's tremendous growth potential with Youngevity. Then it's the products. I'm very excited about the products. I hope there are more and more products available in Malaysia. This is what I am looking forward to for a long time. - If you meet someone today and he wants to join in the business, what would be your advice? - I'd say the life you want is with Youngevity. The beautiful life you want, the healthy life you want. the wealthy life you want. it's all with Youngevity. That's what I'd want to share. When I run into people who are very interested in learning, I get very excited and enthusiastic while sharing. That's be how I am and that's the role model I like to be. - It gives you purpose. - Yes, it is my certainty. - That's great. - Yes. - Thank you, that's it! - Thank you.

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Malaysia-Lai Fung Sieng (Alyssa)

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