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Postman Pat- The Secret Superhero

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♪ Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black and white cat Early in the morning, just as day is dawning, he picks up all the postbags in his van Postman Pat, postman Pat, postman Pat and his black and white cat all the birds are singing, and the day is just beginning, Pat feels he's a really happy man Everybody knows his bright red van all his friends will smile as he waves to greet them can never be sure there'll be knock... ring... letters through your door Postman Pat, postman Pat, and his black and white cat all the birds are singing, and the day is just beginning, Pat feels he's a really happy man ♪ -Hello, Bill -Hiya, Charlie, what ya doin'? I'm pretending to be a superhero A superhero? Yeah, just like the one in my comic book. Look! What's so special about him? Loads of things! He's strong, and brave, and he has special powers. He can! That's silly, nobody can fly! Superheroes can! Oh, I wish I knew a superhero... -But they don't really exist They might.. There..could be..a superhero...right here in Greendale I dont' think so I bet there is, and I'm going to find him Oh, Pat, don't forget, I've to pop out for a little while this morning, I've got an appointment Don't worry, Mrs. Goggins, I haven't forgotten I'm sure I'll manage to sort this lot out Oh, don't forget this one, Pat Oh, it's a special delivery for Charlie. Thank you, Mrs. Goggins I'll make sure I take good care of it. What are we hiding for? Shh! I'm going to find a superhero but how am I gonna catch one if they know someone's watching Why? Because they have to keep their special powers...secret Ohh, what do we need to look out for, then? Well, they're usually very strong, and powerful,! B-B-Bill...look! He's just like the superhero in my comic book! He's so strong! He must be a superhero Come on, let's see him come out the other side! Ajay is not a superhero Ted's pulling the carriage with the rocket Well, let's keep looking anyway! There's got to be a superhero in Greendale somewhere Hold on, Jess, we're in for a bumpy ride Bill, pssst, we're supposed to be hiding, in case the superhero spots us. I told you, there aren't any superheroes. I wonder where we should look... What would I be doing..right now... if I was a superhero? Did you see that? Yeeeah! Dr. Gilbertson can change into a superdog! She's got special superhero powers! But why would she want to be a superdog? Well, no one would suspect a dog, would they? Maybe you're right.. Of course I am! Look, look! Let's see what she's going to do now! Dr. Gilbertson can turn into Mrs. Goggins too! Dr. Gilbertson can change into Mrs. Goggins and Bonnie at the same time! Or...they were all behind the curtain all along... Oh..yeah..I didn't think of that... Looks like Dr. Gilbertson hasn't got magic powers after all! I really thought we'd found a superhero this time! I told you, there aren't any superheroes! But we can't give up now, there has to be a superhero around here somewhere! Morning, Dorothy! Oh, morning, Pat Oh, no, the post's fallen out! Oh, dear, how could that have happened? Well, the back door of the van must have sprung open. Those letters and parcels can't have gone very far. Come on, Jess, let's go back and see if we can find them. Bye! Bye, Pat! Hello, Tom! Hello, Katie! Hello, Mr. Clifton! Hello, Pat! Hello, Julia, have you seen any astray letters and parcels around here? No, Pat, sorry. Let's see if you can hit this! Tom! It's going to land on the roof! Watch out! It looks like this one's addressed to Tom and Katie. There you go! A new kite! Pat, that was amazing! Oh, it was nothing Cheerio! Bye, Pat! Bill, look! What is it this time? I-i-i-it's my dad! He's flying! And I never even knew! Come on, let's take a closer look! OK, let's catch him in action! Yeah, after three... 1,2,3... gotcha! Boys, well, you gave me a fright there, what are you doing? We saw you, Mr. Pringle, yeah, dad, we know your secret! It's brilliant! Well, you won't mind giving me a hand then, will ya? I'll go up there and you can pass the pictures up to me Yes, sir! Anything to help a superh... Why does he need others? I thought he could fly... Oh, no, not again! Dad can't fly, he's just got wheels up his ladders What was that you were saying, Bill? I..I was just saying... anything to help a super..teacher! Oh, thanks, Bill! What a lovely thing to say! Could you pass me one of those pictures, Bill? I want to get all this up on the wall before Monday. Oh, look, Charlie, it's a picture of Captain Zap, He's your favourite superhero, isn't he? No, Dad, I don't believe in superheroes anymore. What do you mean... don't believe in superheroes? What's the point? I thought Ajay, Dr. Gilbertson, and even my dad were superheroes, but...I was just being silly. No, you weren't Yes, I was! You were right all along, superhoeroes don't exist. Keep you eyes peeled, Jess. we have to find that missing post. OK, Jess, let's go! Rosie, no! There's still one parcel missing, Jess. We've got to find it. There it is! The last parcel, gently does it... got it! Phew! Jess, that's another job well done. What a day! Oh, no! Run, Jess, run! Watch out, everyone! Oh, no! Look at Pat go! Heelp! Oh, no! My, that was close! What's Pat doing? That...was...amazing! Thanks. Aaah, it's for you, Charlie. I wondered where that had got to. Special delivery! It certainly is. Thanks, Pat! It's my new superhero comic book! You were right all along, Charlie, Yes, there is a superhero in Greendale! Super-Paaat! I'm no superhero, I'm just a plain old postman Don't worry, Pat, ...your secret is safe with us. ♪ Postman, postman Pat, can you guess what's in his bag? Is there a letter? Is there a parcel? Is there a postcard? What's left? Jess the cat! postman, postman Pat, can you guess what's in his bag? ♪

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Posted by: totleigh on Oct 15, 2011

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