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I had a great opportunity in Guatemala not only working with the service folks, but also working with the sales folks. And I had the same opportunity in Costa Rica recently. As I'm riding with folks in sales or service, I understand that there's a lot to think through. And so I was checking with the folks in Guatemala, as we rode down this commercial area and said, "Have we talked to this customer? Have we talked to that customer?" And most of them we had, I was really impressed with that. And I said, "Well, but we're not servicing them. What happened?" And so the response was, "Well, I called, I talked to them, they said they were okay with the current service." I said, "Well, what was your response?" Well, there was a little bit of pause. And so I wanted to give you a little bit of help, particularly those of us as technicians that are trying to sell, managers that are trying to sell, as well as our sales folks. When someone says to me, "Oh, I've already got a service, I'm okay." There's a couple of responses that I like to share with the customer. First of all, "That's great, I'm happy you're comfortable with your current pest control provider. May I offer you a complementary inspection? Doesn't going to cost you anything, just a little bit of your time to show me around, but let's kind of see what's going on and maybe a different set of eyes might be able to help." Therefore, just offering a complementary inspection, may be a way to help them realize that they don't have everything under control and there may be some issues that they want to pay attention to. Another option that I've always done is that I say, "Well, that's great. Why don't we place out some glue boards or monitor boards and I'll come back in a couple of days and we'll just see how things are going." Both of those techniques are going to help you get into the facility, talk to the customer, start developing relationship, and maybe find issues that are going to help you provide a better service than what they're currently getting. You know, and I would ask you to try to concentrate on employee break areas when you put out glue board when you do inspections. Those often are overlooked and have high pest pressure. And it's pretty impressive when you put a glue board down and come back the next day and find a lot of pests on it. Doing inspections of lockers where people are changing their clothes and things can be very helpful in actually finding pests. The other thing I would ask you to do is you offer our service everywhere you go. I stay in a lot of hotels, and there is not one hotel that I stay in that I don't ask, "Who does your pest control?" I could always find a little issue. I always offer our service. You know, I'm paying them to stay at their hotel, why don't they pay us to have our service? What happened now, just recently when I was in Costa Rica, we were trying to negotiating getting that hotel, I was just in Guatemala and the same thing. We do the Intercontinental in Guatemala as I was checking out, I said, "You know, we do the Intercontinental, we ought to be able to help you." And the response was, "Really? You do The Intercontinental? Please send your people over, let's talk." All it was was just a discussion as I was checking out. So wherever we go, whether we're eating somewhere, whether we're staying somewhere, whether we're using a service or a transportation issue, I'm always so happy to tell the Delta folks when I get on their airplanes, "Orkin does your service internationally." They probably didn't know it that keeps developing that relationship. So I would ask us all, share with others the opportunity of Orkin's great service and often then they will request us to come take care of their issues.

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