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Housing activist Calvin Welch asks tenants to fight for rent control Housing presently in San Francisco In Northern California, in California, the western states and in the nation a major sector of life in the United States is totally out of control Join a neighborhood organization and if it doesn't exist put some energy in to try to create one If you live in an apartment housing, get to know your neighbors get to understand whether or not the owner is a resident owner whether or not he lives in the city, who owns the building is it a management company that in fact collects your rent find out whether or not the building has a series of code violations those are public records Today Calvin Welch continues to work as a community organizer and a housing activist. One of the great tragedies if you will of the 79 rent control was that it has a built in economic incentive to displace existing tenants It does not control vacant units So, if a unit is vacant the landlord can charge the new tenant whatever the market will bare Currently there is an amendment that Newsom vetoed which would have protected tenants facing loss or temporary loss of income. Because of being laid off Also this year, a broadening of rent control to prohibit the displacement of families with children However, realtors argue that rent control is harmful to the city and should be abolished. Voters in San Francisco run into problems with rent control as it comes to maintaining their buildings when they have low rent protected tenants in the building They're reluctant to put the amount of money into a building to maintain it It not only degrades the neighborhoods, it degrades the rental housing stock and makes San Francisco a less desirable place to live for everyone. I think that the rental subsidies system would probably work better. coupled with some development of affordable housing and a working housing authority which is funded by the federal government

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clip 7

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