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Debate Graph

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Debate Graph offers a simple and powerful way for groups and individuals to think through complex issues. And to decide how to act in the face of them. Debate Graph lets us build a visual map of all the ideas, arguments and perspectives that are relevant to a subject under consideration. Anyone can add ideas to the map, and when you do so, those changes are immediately visible to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can also post and thread messages to each other in real time, making Debate Graph a great place to bring Twitter conversations. For example, ...when you need more structure. Every element on the map is also like a blog or a wiki page... which you can add detailed text, comments - and images and video... ...and to which you can link directly. And the details view changes automatically as you navigate around the map. The group working on the map can rate the merits of the different arguments by clicking on the arrows, ...which opens a 1 to 9, weak to strong, rating scale. The arrow thicknesses change with the ratings... give a visual indication of the arguments that are perceived to be the strongest and weakest by the group. With thick arrows indicating stronger arguments, and thin arrows indicating weaker arguments. Debate Graph has an in-built help system so that you can learn at your own pace as you go along. It's easy to navigate, and it covers everything that you need to know to get started... ...including the meanings of the different colours and spheres and how to navigate around the maps. As well as the screen view that we have been looking at here, Debate Graph also offers an advanced interface, ...which among other things, lets you see the wider context for a given view of the map. And it's where you add the videos, images and detailed text to the map. Debate Graph also lets you take the maps you've created and share and debate them around the web... ...with changes made to the maps made from any of the sites visible immediately across all of the sites on which they appear. Thanks for listening!

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Duration: 2 minutes and 12 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
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Producer: KipYellowjacket
Director: KipYellowjacket
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Posted by: kipyellowjacket on Mar 16, 2011

(1) A debate visualization tool to help groups think through complex topics by building and sharing dynamic, collaboratively-editable and ratable maps of subjects from multiple perspectives.

(2) A creative commons project to increase the transparency and rigor of political debate around the world.

(3) A global graph of all the debates to visualise how different political issues shape, and are shaped by, each other.
Our mission is to make the best ideas and arguments on all sides of any contentious public issue freely available to all and continuously open to challenge and improvement by all.

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