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Place Value

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Place value is the position of the digit within the whole number. So if I take a look at this number 823,741 Each one of these numbers within this whole number actually has a location name So if I take a look at 823,741 and I write these numbers down in these boxes it will be easier to name the location of each digit So, I'm just taking that original number and writing it down here. If I start in the right-hand corner -- the far right This first digit is called the "ones" position. So the number 1 just happens to be in the "ones" place value - the "ones" location The 4 is in the "tens" position The 7 is in the "hundreds" 3 is in the "thousands" 2 is in the "ten thousands" And 8 is in what we call the "hundred thousands" position. Now, when I first learned this, I would start by memorizing it, but there is actually a pattern that will develop as you go through this. If this number was larger, the next number that would have been next to the 8 is called the "millions" position. Then we have the "ten millions" Then we have the "hundred millions" and if we got bigger than that we'd have the "billions" So, if I want to take a look at memorizing the actual name of the place value I would start out by saying I have my "ones, tens, hundreds" and then when I have the next three digits next to them I have my "thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands" and you'll notice the "thousands" name is repeated and also, where we had the "tens, hundreds" you'll notice that "ten" and "hundred" will actually appear again. So, if we take a look at the next three digits we have the "millions, ten millions, and hundred millions" I bet you can see the actual name here repeated of "millions" and then we have the "ten millions" and "hundred millions" So if you think about that pattern, that's developing the next place value is "billions" the place value to the left of it would be "ten billions" and then of course you'd probably guess that the next place value would be "hundred billions" Basically, place value is just the name of the location of the number or the digit within the whole number That's all it is. So let's try a couple of examples. In this particular problem we want to determine the place value of each underlined digit. One way to do that is to memorize the pattern. If I take a look at 187 and I want to find out what is the name of the position of the 8 because the 8 is underlined, I could go through the pattern and say this is my "ones" "tens", "hundreds" so 8 has to be in the "tens" position or when you are first learning this, you may want to write the chart down, and then say 8 is in the "tens" position. Alright, so let's take a look at a little bit bigger number. In this case I have, let's see, 625 million, 379 thousand, 48 and my goal is to find out what is the name of this place value of the digit 7 that's within this number. So, in this case if I write down the number in my chart and I find it a bit easier to start on the right-hand side and then fill in each number in the columns Let's make sure I did that correctly. It looks okay. So, 7 is in the "ten thousands" position. I would say that the place value is in the "ten thousands" position Another way to do this is to start on the right-hand side and just list out the name of each position. "ones, tens, hundreds, ..." "thousands, ten-thousands, ..." Yes, 7 is in the "ten thousands" position.

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Place Value

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