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- Are you doing your...? - We're doing the first installment in the Lars babble. Are you going to sit here and nod everytime I say something? Man! Babble means you talk aimlessly without really saying anything. It's basically people will sit there and mine information or see if they can get some... And they'll sit and analyse it for a couple of weeks. Well, when he said that, did he really...? So that there's no real content. -That's what he's doing right now, right? - It's aimless babble. Other than that, I'm just sitting here scratching myself. And when I'm in my robe that's a sign that we've metalled out all day. You see Lars in that robe, that's a very good thing. That means he's been working hard and he's feeling good. - If you see sweat on his forehead... - That's either I'm playing or I'm coughing. Nursing a little bit of a chest thing. I'm going to start sweating. Don't be scared by the acoustic guitars. I guess James saw a picture of KK Downing doing something. And he wanted to check out an acoustic guitar for a potential live thing on "The Unforgiven". So this has nothing to do with what we're writing on. Of all the stuff we've been writing in the last two months, the acoustic guitar hasn't come out of the box yet, so no worries. There's nothing to worry about. See if you pan over there, that's where all the metal is, right there. I've been studying standup bass, double bass, and flamenco guitar. Can we see what's laying around here? Here's some new lyrics James has been working on. There's a song called "The Four Horsemen". That's an exclusive, right? "By the last breath of the fourth winds blow" What does that mean? Here's some early suggestions for the album cover. And that's it? Shall we end it at that and we'll come back and do more? You should fade out on that. Go down to the metal guitar and fade out and we'll catch up with you soon.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 16, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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