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16A01379_Veritas Resiliency Platform

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Wise words. In today's IT world, uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information is everywhere. What's not everywhere? True genius. Because IT lacks the tools and resources to properly evaluate it. IT chaos grows as a result of thinking data and information are the the same thing. It has become more difficult than ever to keep critical applications predictably available across heterogeneous infrastructure. Without N-to-N visibility of data, deriving insights that enable decision making is next to impossible. You know there is value in the data, so you keep it forever, everywhere. People ask, "When should I think of Veritas?" When you're ready to put information over infrastructure, and make it work for business, not the other way around. We've built an information management foundation, leveraged by 86% of the Fortune 500, that meets the availability and insight needs of the largest, most complex IT organizations. Introducing the Veritas Resiliency Platform, our next generation availability solution, that delivers a unified approach to IT service continuity. IT organizations gain predictability of SLAs, simplified workload orchestration, and flexibility of platform and location, with complete visibility across private, public, and hybrid Cloud environments. And introducing the Veritas Information Map, the first application to leverage our information fabric technology. This next generation insight solution enables better informed decisions by visually surfacing insights from their unstructured information. By rendering metadata into an immersive visual experience, customers can pursue actions based on the knowledge of what data they have, where it exists, and how old it is. But this is just the beginning. Are you ready for it? Veritas.

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Posted by: symantec on Jun 4, 2015

16A01379_Veritas Resiliency Platform

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