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[7x7 Experience] [What not to do while driving] >>If you're driving with Uber, you definitely have a smart phone. These days, most of us are using our smart phones for everything. They're not just how we reach people anymore. They're how we keep our lives organized with calendars and to-do lists. They're how we keep informed with news feeds and apps dedicated to sports or music. We use our smart phones for just plain entertainment, too, with hundreds of games available. Or for watching TV shows via Netflix or YouTube. And even if I want to use my phone to contact someone, I have so many more options than just calling, right? I can text, use email, or even use social media like Facebook or Twitter. In short, our phones are a huge part of our daily lives, and that isn't changing anytime soon, especially since we're using the Uber platform to make our smart phone into part of our work life. However, all of this means that our phones can be a huge distraction. Distracted driving is unsafe driving. If you're on Facebook or playing a game while driving, you are definitely not paying attention to the road. When you're driving, you need to limit your phone usage to absolute necessity, like briefly checking the GPS when you're stopped at a red light. Everything else can wait. That means no Facebook, no texting, no playing Candy Crush or any other game. None of it is safe behavior while driving. Anything that is taking your attention away from the road needs to wait. Protect yourself and other people on the road, and wait to use your phone until you are no longer driving. If you do play with your phone while you're driving, you might think, "It's never been a problem before, so why should I change?" We want to point out that all of these activities are ones that riders have complained about. That means that your riders in the back seat are telling Uber when they see you playing on your phone while you are driving. So only is it not safe, but it's bad for your rating, too. Of course, it's not just phones that can be distracting in the car. Make sure your view of the road is unobstructed. Maybe hang your fuzzy dice up at home and keep them out of your car. [What not to do while Driving] [Review] [Playing on your phone is a safety AND ratings issue] [Keep any distractions out of the car]

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