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Beyond Business as Usual Year Program 2019

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I want everyone to leave... and say: "Wow! Now I can change the world." I learned at school that there's... a max amount of hours you can commit... and so there's a cap on the impact you can have too. I lived with that for a long time. That's why I kept working harder and harder... I was also very proud that I worked 100 hours per week. Until I realized that the impact wasn't based on the hours I worked. You just have to work in a totally different way... to have more of an impact with less hours worked. For a very long time, people around me thought... That's your talent. Only you can do magical things like that. But I've discovered that I can pass my methods on. That's what I do in the year program. People who come to me... People who's lives I touch... those are always the people with a lot of talent. Almost always... people who already have some experience with leadership, and entrepreneurship. And, who are also... ready to take the plunge and say: "I want to make much more of an impact than I do now... but doing what I am doing now won't work because... I am already working far too much." At KW9 I have a room... where I can work with 10 people, and a... room where I can work with 15. I wanted to work with larger groups, but... I didn't want to leave this place. I didn't want a new location. Then I thought: "you know what I'll do... I'll renovate the first floor, so that I can work with larger groups there." It's funny, while we are renovating here... the world doesn't know what we are up to. We haven't done any online marketing, I wasn't in the newspaper... Nothing! Then, one day, I got 7 signups in one day... All asking if I could deal with larger groups. Then I thought, that's it! The largest resistance people face is that... they think that it's not possible that it will happen when... they sit in their chair all day. That's it. I too found that very hard to deal with. Only when I fell ill about 5 years ago... and I could do nothing else but lie on the couch... I discovered that the world keeps functioning without me... so, what I thought I was doing all day... worked just as well without me. Also, things I thought about manifested much faster... than when I was working the whole day. I was forced, and I hope that you don't... have to experience the moment that you get forced into it. So, choose it now! How can I reach people who are well educated like me... People who know how the world works... but still get trapped in the system. The system of working endlessly and being busy all the time. Back then, I read a book about... working with the seasons. That book gave me peace of mind. It was then that I realized... you can't harvest sunflowers in January. You just can't. Unless... you put in a lot of effort and energy... into the project. I work with seasons because we look at what your company... wants to harvest and when we should sow. Do you want to be harvesting the whole year round, or do you... want to catch seasonal trends and be on holiday for the rest of the year? Which ever option you go for, the result you go for... will be determined by when you want to harvest. Beyond Business as Usual is a year-long course. It's from January to December. That means that I'm starting the intake process. We will then start in January and be working on it the whole year. That means that for 9-months next year... you will be working with a group for 1 day per month. Between those sessions you will get advice from me. There are also those people who think to themselves... I want to make an impact now. I know what you offer and I want it now! For these people, if they are fit enough, I also offer a Beyond Business as Usual intensive. You then do the whole year program in 3 days that are split up into 3 parts. After that you get a full year of support. I love the fact that my attention has an impact. So, when I work with you on your company 1 on 1, that has the most impact. So, on those days we do what can be done in a group, and individually we implement what was learned in the group... into your company. A year-group consists of no more than 9 people. Because I can't focus on you properly if I work with more. I have an English group and a Dutch group each year. In the intensive year program I only accept 6 participants... because we will be so focused during that program that... it requires more of my focus. I want everyone to leave the year program saying :"Wow, now I can change the world." If there's a spark somewhere inside you... that makes you think you might want to participate in the year program... Then there's only 1 piece of advice I can give you. Call me!

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Posted by: helenespork on Feb 5, 2019

If you have the guts and feel the urge to realize big bangs.. fly with me.

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